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Reason #2837 my SD13 hates me - a vent

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Because I sternly told her to turn off the car that she started in the closed garage.

I then motioned for her to open the door so I could inform her that doing so results in carbon monoxide poisoning. Which she then mumbled something about doing it all the time. *eyeroll*

*cue sarcasm* This is going to be a fun weekend. 


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She needs to keep her paws OFF your keys. And her idiotic opinions to herself.

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That reminds me of that thread I saw on facebook where parents post a picture of their crying child and "my child hates me because"... and it's usually for completely assinine

My child hates me because I wouldn't let them keep the dead bird they found  etc..

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My sister and I like to text each other silly reasons why our toddlers cry. 

My cousin recently shared a post similarly but it was dog shaming (my dog ate this, chewed this, etc).

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What is the big deal about starting a car? Why does she need to do it? She obviously is not responsible enough to be doing it and she will get to do it plenty when she's old enough to start driving.

I don't ever remember thinking that just starting a car was fun (really, bid deal). Next, she will be taking off out of the garage - without opening the garage door.

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I think she was already huffy puffy and it was time for DH to take her to the drop off spot. 

Usually it's DH that's trying to get her out the door but she grabbed her stuff and walked out to get in the car. I don't know what she was thinking when she started it. It's not like it really needed to warm up or defrost - it's in a garage! DH still had to hand off the baby to me and get his shoes and coat on. 

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I was definitely going to put that after tog's comment, but I was laughing too hard.