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Boo hoo hoo

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We have SD13 this weekend (even though it’s BM’s weekend) because DH wants to “have her as much as possible.” 

I got home from work around 5:30 and SD asks DH if she can go to a football game with her friends tonight. DH doesn’t have a problem with this except that it’s in a neighborhing town at least 30 minutes away (one way). He does have a problem with driving her there. 

Nows she’s sulking around the house and trying to work something out because DH is fine with taking her there if someone else can get her home (or vice versa). 

Of course she doesn’t see what’s wrong with him taking her (time on the road, we haven’t had dinner, he’s got a big day tomorrow that she’ll be tagging along for, and there’s a ton of construction going on).

”I never get to go to things when I’m here...I don’t want Italian for dinner...Blah blah blah.”

This might sound like typical teenage behavior, but I’m just glad that DH is sticking to his guns and not jumping in the car to take her even though she’s laying on the guilt. 

Where’s my popcorn? I feel like this is going to go on all night. 


DH feels like sh*t. I told him it’s because SD is making him feel that way because he’s telling her no. He relayed to me that she told him “no one tells me no.” She also proceeded to tell him (I was on the couch around the corner) that he doesn’t know how teenagers communicate now and that they just text each other about getting together. Whatever. I told DH that may be the case but a good parent still wants/needs to know details (which he was trying to do).

After she mumbled more sh*t under her breath, DH got fed up, told her the coach was leaving and he didn’t care if anyone was there to pick her up. Maybe not a great thing to say, but I get where he’s coming from. She whined some more about about not getting a shower and not having shampoo. Ya know what, Princess? You got home and fell asleep for over an hour and before that when you and your dad were at the store, you didn’t mention that you needed shampoo. Sorry bout ya! Byeeee!


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and I’m pissed!

Not long after I posted this blog, I heard the garage door open, then the door to the house, then the shower running. I get up from the couch, don’t see DH and take a look outside - garage door open and DH’s car isn’t there. 

Then my phone rings and it’s DH. Turns out I misheard and he took her to the store to get shampoo, dropped her off to take a shower, and went to get us and DD dinner. I told him I was not hungry and nothing sounded good because I was pissed. 

I told him that even though he doesn’t want her around tonight that buying her shampoo and taking her to the game is exactly what she wanted. And no matter how much you tell her that her attitude and behavior was unacceptable, she’s only going to remember that she got what she wanted. 

Apparently she apologized to him and wanted to apologize to me. I told him that she would have to do it herself; not through him, not coaxed by him, and not through a text message. Still haven’t gotten that apology and frankly don’t care at this point. Apologies mean nothing if what a person apologizes for keeps happening. 

Then she was taking so damn long in the shower that DH was ready to not take her (Ha!). She didn’t turn on the exhaust fan (again) and now the walls are sweaty. She also dumped DD3’s non-slip mat on the floor by the toilet, left the toilet seat up, razor on the side of tub (where DD could get it), and somehow managed to get 2/3 of the decorative shower curtain wet. Arg! 

DH is apparently going to talk with her for the 30 minute drive to the game. Can’t wait to hear all about it. *sarcasm*

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Well, time for you to do nothing more. Nothing at all pertaining to SD. No buying shampoo, no making a toasted cheese sandwich, nothing. Stop. DH will have to do ALL of it. 

DH was like this with my OSD and I adamantly refused to participate. I would throw her crap into her room, take down the decorative shower curtain and replace it with cheap clear plastic. You do not give nice things to people who don't treat others well.