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They coming back

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My God, they coming back. However one extra is coming from college too. So there will be 7 kids under the same roof this weekend. I abruptly asked my husband about us renting a van so we have enough space for all of them, to maybe visit a couple of places, that was a no. On a Tuesday we not rich so imagine on a Saturday with 7 kids we below poverty. I spent $800 over the last 2 weeks in groceries alone. Probably looking at $400 for this weekend in food. My God. Then the 300lb skid, will be here too. Why bring the oldest boy down, if we right on money? That's not fun, more like f##king miserable. Last week we made snow cones, candied apples, and lollipops. I ain't doing none of that shit this weekend. I want his kids bored as shit. 


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Get some cold cuts, PB& J and call it a day. Don't go broke and try to think economically this weekend. What does your H contribute as far as food?

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bulk buy some ramen, stock up on rice, pasta and bullion (for flavor) and find a good deal on chicken thighs. Bulk bake the thighs with some salt and pepper and let the hungry masses feed themselves.   Or make a giant pot of chili on the cheap with ground beef and stretch it with bowls of rice, Asian style. Hide the “good” food, let them eat the cheap stuff.

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Then have a family emergency out of town( just you and the good food.

7 kids..phew...would've been gone a LOONG time ago.

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Cheap meals you can do that are healthy and won't cost you anywhere near $400 for the weekend:

Breakfast:  Box of 60 eggs $4.75, 32oz frozen southern hash browns $2.24, few loaves of bread for toast $2, 24oz quaker quick grits $1.68.

Lunch: Few loaves of cheap bread $4, 64oz great value peanut butter $5.76, 30oz grape jelly $1.72, hard boil some eggs and make egg salad as a filling, 1lb bag of carrots $0.88, 3lb bag of fuji apples for $3.

Dinner:  Bean & rice chili:  32oz GV brown rice $1.37, 2-15oz cans GV black beans $0.72 each, 29oz can GV tomato sauce $1.24, season to taste. Instead of rice you could get a few boxes of jiffy corn muffin mix $0.47 each and put chili over the corn bread. and/or

BBQ chicken drumsticks:  5lb bag freshness guaranteed drumsticks $4.76, bottle of GV bbq sauce $0.98 and/or

Refried bean 'tacos':  31oz can GV refried beans $1.47, few packs (12 count) El Milagro corn tortillas $0.38 each, GV taco seasoning packets $0.44 each, brown rice flavored with taco seasoning for a side.

Dessert: 128oz Blue Ribbon vanilla ice cream $6, 25oz GV duplex sandwich cream cookies $1.34.

Still hungry?  A 32oz box of GV pancake mix is only $1.68.  Get two boxes and make a boat load of pancakes, get a 32oz bag of GV powdered sugar for $1.74 as a topping.  Freeze them and they can microwave a few when they want to munch.

GV = great value.  Above prices on Walmart's website so it's probably cheaper in-store.  For about $50 you can easily feed them for a weekend AND probably have left overs for the following week.  Make sure it's all bought with your DH's money.  Problem solved Wink