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They coming back

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My God, they coming back. However one extra is coming from college too. So there will be 7 kids under the same roof this weekend. I abruptly asked my husband about us renting a van so we have enough space for all of them, to maybe visit a couple of places, that was a no. On a Tuesday we not rich so imagine on a Saturday with 7 kids we below poverty. I spent $800 over the last 2 weeks in groceries alone. Probably looking at $400 for this weekend in food. My God. Then the 300lb skid, will be here too. Why bring the oldest boy down, if we right on money?

Lying to husband to get his kids out!

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When I tell you I loathe my stepdaughter. The way she looks, smells, acts and worse laughs. This girl is my diarrhea. This troll is my canker sore. This girl is my missing tooth. She is 11 years old and teeters around 300lbs. Her mom is a nurse. Like a serious nurse who works at one of the top hospitals in Texas. Yet here this girl is. Fat.   But on top of her being one of the most annoying kids I have ever met, her attitude sucks. My SD acts so sweet around her dad but when he leaves all hell breaks loose.