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This week's fresh hell

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Skids came yesterday and as is apparently inevitable, it was an immediate shit show. Every single week, it's a f'ng debacle and I am so over it. I actually made dinner plans with friends so I could prolong seeing skids. 

I didn't get out the door fast enough so saw SD13 after she got home from school- she was in a good mood, said she was good and nothing was new, and I left.  

DH got home 10 mins later and started messaging me that SD got "cornered, tripped, and punched at school that day". Crazy had sent him a message because the principal called her- DH never got a message from the school. Crazy gave him the names of the 3 girls involved and told him to "track down their parents and call them". DH was like, hm...why wouldn't the school be handling this? He wanted more details so he talked to the principal who had already called the parents, and the school was giving the girl who hit SD "additional consequences", that the school would not disclose. 

DH text me that he is so over the drama. Last visit SD was talking about suicide, but not really planning on it. Now immediately this. He said he just needs a few weeks of normal. When I got home we talked about it and he said he is so sick of the drama with the kids, each week they come we just know something will blow up. I said I absolutely get it, I try to take a backseat but I have less of a tolerance for this stuff so I feel it just as much. He said it's probably harder for me since I just have to watch it all happen with no real say. Did DH have empathy for the plight of a SM??? I said yes that's true, my say is taken with a grain of salt and you and Crazy call the shots. It's really hard.  

Then Crazy had sent him approximately 8 messages on OFW in the past 2 days- One said "the kids are sick of you always asking your wife for permission to do anything. You ask permission to take SD ice skating or roller skating and when she says no SD goes to her room, because your wife doesn't care about SD like she says she does".  *ROFL*  First of all, DH would never take SD ice skating. He hates winter activities. He has never asked permission to do these things. Crazy keeps trying to demand he do it. And if he wants to take the kids to do something, he will do it- he'll tell me what he's thinking and then we talk about it and I will either go or not go. There were more messages demanding "spend time with your daughter!!!", and talking shit about me. DH finally responded that he's done with her parental alienation tactics that are obvious even through the app- she needs to be positive about us to SD because it affects her mental health, and he didn't follow through on filing for contempt of court last time, but he will be doing it this time- the app is only for emergencies and to be short and to the point, and he's done listening to it. My wife and I make decisions together based on what we deem appropriate".  Her response was "You have been in contempt of court on this app also". lol (ETA- this is the only message he has responded to of hers that was not medical-related. He hasn't engaged with her at all). 

Then she sent another message about a Dr. appt, which she had already messaged about. And then sent ANOTHER message saying "I don't think us taking each other to court is the best thing to do right now. We should be talking to SD's therapist trying to figure this out". So she is obviously worried about DH taking her to court. Should have thought about that before, you dumb whore. 

We don't even care if the courts don't actually DO anything to her (althought that would be ideal). If they even reiterated the communication guidelines, that's great. Her messaging and bashing is so constant, and she's saying it all to SD also. It just needs to stop. 

I absolutely hate Steplife. 


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I wouldn't reply to her "I don't think us taking each other to court" comment and go very few words on any other replies. Let her stew in her own juices, so to speak. She'll torture herself. 

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I clarified up above, but this is the only message he has responded to out of her 30 crazy ones. He only responds if absolutely necessary regarding a medical issue. It is driving her absolutely insane- she has even sent follow-up messages to yell at him for not responding to her crazy ones, which he has also ignored. He was just trying to shut her up with this one since she says all of this same stuff to SD, and SD is having enough issues without hearing the alienation from Crazy...  

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He keeps engaging with her, that’s why she keeps messaging.  Also why threaten her with court?  Just do it, why give her advanced notice.  Gray rock her, unless it has to do with actual things pertaining to the kids, not things pertaining to his or her emotions or feelings about one another.

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He actually hasn't responded to any of her messages except this one- it's driving her nuts, when he ignores her she sends additional messages yelling at him for not responding to previous ones. Which he also doesn't respond to. This was the first time he has responded to her nonsense messages in months- I agree he didn't need to tell her about filing for COC, but he also wants her to lay off the alienation to SD. Everything Crazy says in the app, she is also saying to SD. He was hoping to shock her and get her to STFU for a bit. 

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Your DH needs to stop responding to Crazy's craziness. And no more mentions about court. Keep responses strictly on topic with short responses. 

Those 8 messages of ranting BS? ~crickets~

"SD has a dr appt on this day at this time." "Okay." If Crazy sends the same message, give the same response. 

Let her spew her idiocracy all over OFW without your DH feeding the Crazy beast. 

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He is doing this, minus this one message- it's amazing because it is clearly driving her insane. But man is her crazy at a real high right now (I will stop short of saying "all-time high" because she has definitely topped this previously). 

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I know it's not easy to not respond to that caca when you reeeeeeally want to slap back. BTDT with BioHo. Lack or reaction and response makes creatures like Crazy and 'Ho nuts. 

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I'm always telling him, don't respond. Don't respond. In the past he has and it's really frustrating- Gray rocking drives her nuts. I've been really proud of him the past few months for not engaging and only responding to absolutely necessary messages. This just is not sustainable- 4+ more years of this?? Did Ho finally get better or just keep messaging nonsense to the very end?

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Not gonna lie: 'Ho did NOT get better. It's less, but it hasn't ended. She still texts DH about ridiculous stuff. The only reason DH hasn't blocked 'Ho is because if anything ever happens to SD26, she (or her hubby) will contact 'Ho first and 'Ho will contact DH. I keep hoping that 'Ho will get abducted my aliens or sex traffickers or drug lords...

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I'm at the point where Crazy being abducted means full-time skids for me, so I hope for things like a raging incurable STD, Alopecia, Hives, Severe cystic acne... something that will make her life really uncomfortable, but nothing that will prevent her from taking skids altogether.  Anyone that tried to take her would just immediately drop her right back off anyway....

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I hear you. 'Ho was hell bent on having a sixth kid with Mr. Pinhead, but had to have a partial hysterectomy. Rumor has it that Pinhead plans to divorce 'Ho once Spawn graduates high school. I'll believe that when it happens. He's knowingly been a cuckold from the beginning. Not sure what's changed. Evil Aniki will LMAO if Pinhead musters up the stones to leave.

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Pinhead is weak-willed and it's very possible he'll never leave. Why wait? Because of Spawn. Maybe he thinks Spawn has a better chance getting through life with the little bit of stability he provides. We all know BioHo is a psychotic, radioactive trainwreck.

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 I can kinda see why he responded how he did. Send the message ONCE ONLY, loud and clear that he won't respond to text insults to his wife, etc and will be responding regarding issues pertaining to the kids events etc only. And then..... Drop silent and only respond if required for transportation or arrangements that have to be made in regards to the kid.

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He needs to stick to this format ALWAYS. He strays occasionally and will respond to her crap, but he's been so good for months now, I really hope this is how it is moving forward. 

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Yes DH does the same. Ignores and only replies when it's corncerning the skids welfare. It's hilarious when they have a tantrum and get no response isn't it? This BM sounds like a classic HCBM that gets off on the reaction of chaos she tries to spread. Its toxic and the no response is exactly what they need. I think your DH sounds like he's doing a good job ignoring it. I also understand messages about 'your wife'. BM here does it all the time and one time DH said 'Do not bring my wife into this' and kept the message back concerning SD welfare and cue the long ass essay of toxic chaos which he then completely ignored. The fewer words these psycho's receive I think the easier it is.