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a visit from the deadbeat BM turned Disney mom

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BM is in town visiting. I drop off and.pick.up my son 18months from SO's house everyday so even though my SO and.i are.kind of living separately . I see him everyday. I asked where the boys were... they are.with their mom. She hasn't.seen them since July 2010. She is staying a hotel because she has burnt bridges with all her family here because of her being a deadbeat loser who pops in and out of her kids lives when its conveinant for her. I guess she asked my SO if she could stay at her and.her.other 2 kids. He said no. My SS9 the things she bought for.him the aquarium and.museums.... is it wrong that I secretly wish she would take.them.away with when.she.leaves. a fro
ewe years ago when she popped. In their lives she tried to the middle.of.night with Florida but it only lasted a.month with her because she just.took.the older one. I know its wrong to think and wish but I still hope she would.just.take.them.with her and give me a break. I've taken of them for the past 4 years!!! Why can't she deal with the headaches she created. My SO is trying to start his business and its very hard when he has to Mr. Mom. I wish she would.take them and see how much work and stress they are. I.wish! I wish!!! I wish!!!! Even though. My SO would be devastated I would be relived!

If my SS's think that their mom is this wonderful person why can't they just go with her. I.wish they would go with her so they could.see her true colors. I don't even could leave them.without feeling horrible. So said SS9 was so.excited to.see her and.his brothers....--- great!!! Then go live YOUR OWN mother!!! My SO parents very half-assed combine that with the fact that hes working all the time from home and can't give them.his attention 24/7. I wish he would.let them go stay with her at least for a couple.months.


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I can see why you would want a break. But would that really be best for them (Skids)? She doesn't sound like a good BM. I hate the pedestal skids put their Bm on. Some of these BM don't give 2 sh** about their kids. Sad.