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I'm wondering how many of us are hiding in our bedrooms away from the stepshit?

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I've been sitting here going through blogs, kids sleeping except for the SD7...crying about something, DH is with her. Not really caring. How bad am I?


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just found out other sd is going through some crap. she's 14, cutting herself, who knows what else? Need to find out what's going on..worried. More to the story but don't have time to write. DH coming in soon.

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I wish I could but the bs I will take behind it is not worth it. I have myself a nice strong drink a full pack of smokes and I am going out tomorrow night. GNO for the bride of the wedding we are going to next weekend. Sunday can't come soon enough.

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I don't hide anymore. I took back possession of my own house. I used to work weekends (12-hour shifts both days, sometimes days, sometimes nights) and apparently SD was acting like she owned the place while I was away. Now that I'm home on weekends, I just act grumpy until SD gets the feeling I want to be left alone and she goes to her room and stays there pretty much the whole weekend. She only comes out to eat, use the bathroom, or when I go out somewhere. Then I come home, see her getting WAY too comfortable in my spot on the couch, and all it takes is a look. Then she goes running back to her room. It's my damn house that I worked hard for (7 years of university to get a good job to buy the house). She's lucky she gets a whole room to herself (with a TV and cable that I didn't even know about - I pay for that too but I didn't approve an extra cable line for princess)! We could've just had her sleep on the couch! Seriously, for 4 days a month, who needs their own room? But at least it keeps her out of our hair. Just wait til we start having kids and she has to share that room (it's only a 2-bedroom house) with a crying baby....hahaha!

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i sometimes hide to get my stregnth back and so i can keep my cool but in the long run they know they can say what they want as long as i dont hear it cuz they dont pay bills i do and all they can do is complain or go to they rm n they do cuz they on the ph talking to boys n oldest sd is 21 and has a baby n treats him like everyone is to pitty her he her shopw off toy n she jus now learning she gotta wrk to get money to mov out ooooooo i b so happy when all the sd r grown n out if i last that long life to short i wanna b happy n free frm drama n mayb wth tim it will but if not the fine when my two r grown n out i will go to if that is what it takes but oh no when i have my strenght n calmness oh heck yea i rite out n the front down stairs where ever i wanna bc alot of kids think sm r to giv the respect n they dont hav to giv it that where most mess up

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I am hiding in my room as we speak...sd9 is outside bitchin even followed her dad in shower complaining my son won't turn off tv she wants to sleep on couch NOT the bed in the back room so she thinks when she's tired everyone else has to leave living toom so she can sleep....well honey that's not how it works....the whole time she is here I hear the song get the fuck out of my house by 2 live crew....anyone who wants to smile to themselves should listen to it its old but so true...I'm gettin annoyed myself worked 47 hrs this week and am hiding I am 2 old for this...daddy can handle this one

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I refuse to hide it's my house and no one runs me out of it especially not a child I don't like what's going on I change it or they all get shipped outside. SO luckily has my back on most everything and even if we disagree he values my parenting because I've got much older kids and an education he follows my parenting lead.

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It's a stepshit weekeend so I'm in my room with my lap top and my 2 dogs on the bed.

I like my time alone.

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I woke up with a different attitude this morning. Actually woke up and spend some time with SD and my kids all together. But once DH got up which wasn't much later, went to get coffee and chilled. It's been nice, not a usual weekend. I'm appreciating it. But still,I'm now in my bd's room trying to put her down for a nap. I'm still disengaging without realizing it. I don't know but damn, what is it when these f'n kids are here and me and DH are not the same. I can't explain it, it's just something i feel. Maybe it's just me cuz i don't like them.