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The devil was once an Angel

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Plain and simple.. there is no bonding with this creature.  Five years and it's still as if I just got here. I don't even try anymore because my energy can go to my grandchildren. This child is worth no more of my time.  However, her father is my fiance and the thought of being tied to this child forever really gets to my stomach. 


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I'm sorry... I know how horrible it can be. For me all the nasty feelings and actions proved to be too much and I left. 

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Not making light of the movement... I know how you feel.  Grandchildren are special, and I also have a couple of those in my life.  My blended family is often in turmoil, often due to the behavior of SS and the relationship has soured beyond what I thought possible.  I hope you can make peace with it, if not improve the relationship.

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I feel exactly the same Tomi. I just try to ignore the existence of ss sticky fingers. He wont change and as far as I am concerned he wont be getting the Internet password either. 

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Hang in there but my opinion is that no relationship/engagement/marriage is worth the mental torture and misery inflicted upon by stepbeings. Your life is worth more. You have the whole world at your disposal.  You are worth more than all that b.s and why would you subject yourself to a life of misery! Create space and safety for yourself.

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I want to thank everyone that took the time to give me feed back. I'm starting to feel a little more clear headed knowing there's someone else out there that can relate. However, life is too short to try and fix something that came broken into peices, and also, major peices missing that I'm not interested in helping them find. I'm thinking more toward leaving than fixing.