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Another sm arrested SMDH

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Little Lucas Hernandez is missing and his step mom is arrested for child endangerment. Such a sweet face. I hope he didn't suffer.


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The dad had custody and worked out of town and left the boy and 1 year old with his wife. No mention of the BM in any of the news stories I've seen. SM says she took a shower and fell asleep when she woke up he was gone. Now that he's missing family members are accusing SM of abuse but show CPS investigated in past and never came up with anything.

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The biological mother is around, but the father has custody.

The violence between the father and the so called SM is numerous reports over quite sometime. I said " so called" because a year ago the woman is given as live-in BF and she has the same last name currently she did then (of course, doesn't mean for sure they didn't marry within last year and she kept her name).

I have a hunch the endangerment charges for now are because the SM just went and took a nap leaving two small kids (one but a baby) to fend for themselves. One article said she left the little boy awake and in his bedroom and went to shower and took three hour nap. When she woke up the door was open and little boy gone.

I hope they find him alive and well.

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I looked the SM on Facebook, they look like a completely happy family...
Little Lucas looks like a happy little boy, it’s just so sad.

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Biological mothers hurt their children too. There were two repots in the British papers two days ago of one mother giving a small baby anti depressants then smothering it three times before the poor little one died. The other was where the parents broke the small baby's legs in so many places that they had to be amputated.

Bios do it just as much as step moms.

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Right? I love the subject line from OP... ANOTHER SM arrested SMDH... wtf? Quite certain I can dig up WAYYYYYYYY more articles of BM's being arrested for torture, abuse, murder etc. but let's shake our damn heads about this SM.

Again, not sure why some people are even here on this STEP PARENT website, other than to stir turds.

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THIS is a perfect example of last night’s discussion on certain people always making anti-SM posts or comments

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Sadly, children are often the innocent victims of cruel and vicious adults who come in many varieties.

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Oh no not another one!!!!!

Just goes to show ya how many wicked SMs there are out there... it’s an epidemic!

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That’s terrible. I think it could happen to anyone though, when my Little was a newborn and oldest was four I fell asleep sitting up on the couch, woke up and couldn’t find her. Thankfully she was just out back with the neighbor’s kids but it was still terrifying.

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We had to actually put locks high up on the interiors of all doors leading outside when the Things were little.

They were well known in the neighborhood for their outdoor adventures. They once left the house at around 5am on Christmas morning when they were about 4 because they didn't see the exact toy they wanted for Christmas under the tree and they went out to find Santa to tell him how mad they were.

There were three adults in the house at that time, me, Asshat and our nanny. None of us were even awake when they bolted. We found out when the police came knocking on the door to bring them home.

True story.

Didn't make me, or Asshat or our nanny bad or uninvolved parents/caregivers, either.

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Why are you making this about a SM, Tomatoe?

Like twoviewpoints pointed-out, there’s a documented history of domestic violence. Drugs too. I hate to be crass, but look at the father’s face. Those cheeks and that jawline are pretty telltale. He’s either an addict, or a recovering one. Not trying to kick a man while he’s already down, or dehumanize addiction, but let’s call it like it is here...

The whole napping for 3 hours, leaving two children, one extremely young one, unattended aligns with an addicted parent scenario, too. This isn’t another “evil no good SM” story, but an unfortunate case of children under the care of addicted parents.

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"Why are you making this about a SM, Tomatoe?"

Rhetorical question, right?

Just in case it's not, I'll take "because that's her MO" for a thousand, please, Alex.

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Is Tomatoe even a SM? Yeah, I don't get why people stay on this site to antagonize SMs that come to a site intended for them to be able to vent freely about being a SM or Step dad! There are several non SMs that comment regularly and I just have to wonder how effed up they have to be to frequent a site that has nothing to do with there current situation?!? It would be like SMs going to a site made specifically for Skids to complain/vent about their SPs and then bashing them for doing so! LOL!

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I don't understand why just the SM was arrested for child endangerment. The article I just read said that she AND dad were there and fell asleep, then left to go pick up (someone.. it said police report blacked out name) at school where Lucas went to school. So why wasn't he in school? and who were they picking up? and why did BM who article says doesn't have custody or visitation or anything just happen to be at the school when they got there??

A whole lot doesn't make sense here. Hopefully the police will find him unharmed!

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That one was an old report. It was about an accused 'attack' between the BM and SM when the BM was at the school and the Dad and SM (having fallen asleep) arrived late to pick up the kiddo. This wasn't the endangerment current charge.

Sm was home alone this last Saturday with the two children when the little boy poofed.

as an aside, I put the article up for more of a 'please, think hard about leaving and getting out of abusive relationships. No man or woman is worth living in violence, these two people have been beating on each other since at least 2016'.

And yeah, to putting a blog up to shake heads at a SM? Two well known cases in my state recently involved child protection services(our DCFS) and birth mothers. Both children murdered by mother. No SM anywhere near the case. No one can claim SMs are evil demons based solely on headlines in the news without also acknowledging BMs are also evil demons and injure and murder their children also.

It happens with biological mothers, biological fathers, stepfathers and stepmothers. It happens with siblings and step-siblings.

If Tomatoe's goal was to make some malicious point on stepmothers, she failed.

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Yesterday we had this - about a SM being arrested or under suspicion...

now look at today's news

All bio parents, ..... so please why post something about 1 SM who took a nap, while her 1 year old was napping , then SS went missing and now she's blamed?