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Well, knock me over with a feather

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SSstb21 came over today to get his Christmas present - he actually brought one for DH! And he said he got his Driver's license 3 weeks ago, and is enrolled in courses at BM's college (free tuition) for the spring. No Green Card yet, so he can't work, but he hopes to soon.  BM gave him her old car, though he didn't drive over tonight because she was using it - apparently she got in an accident with her new one.  Someone else's fault, of course.

DH made his final CS payment last weekend - guess once the money stops flowing in, BM decides to make him be independent. Better than dumping him on our doorstep, I suppose. And overall, good to hear - let's see if he can actually pull off real college.



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When the youngest SS turned 19 and CS ended, BM put him out of the house. I mean, literally put him out so he was "couch surfing." When it was told to DH in my presence, could not hold back. "Sounds right. Now that he doesn't get Child Support anymore, he's worthless to her." Somehow, it got back to her and SS was "welcomed back." LOL

He tried college, too. DH loaned him the money for the first semester. He flunked out within 4 weeks. While DH wasn't worried about the money, I made sure he got SS to pay back every last cent. He wasted the money, not us, so he owed. I really feel sorry for the youngest. He was constantly thrown under the bus by the four older siblings, and he got zero life skills from the BM. 

I hope your SS does better. 

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Well, he's already tried a year at Community College and bombed out. BM's college is a very good school, so he'll have to work hard to do well there. We shall see, I'd be surprised if that worked out.

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Look on tbe positive tho its hard for us skeptical steppers who have so often been burned.

He brought a gift, he's enrolled in college, he has a car.  Time for a drink to celebrate!

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Yeah, let's hope it's all true - he's got a history of lying. I hope so, but I'll need to wait and see.

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One can hope he is finally growing up and trying to be independent....for your sake! I feel sorry for him. Stunted and held back his whole life to be BM's emotional crutch and cash cow, and here he is, 21, just starting out. 

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To add, though i feel sorry for him, it doesn't mean you should have to put up with any crap from him!

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He doesn't give us any crap, DH has never allowed that. I used to feel sorry for him too, but now he's choosing dysfunction as an adult. 

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At least the CS is done!  Here's hoping your SS realizes it's now or never...

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Although you have to question motives anytime a PAS'd SK does anything nice, it does sound like a positive step that he actually brought a gift for DH. (My youngest SS25 & his DW came on Christmas Eve to our house and brought no gifts.) And maybe your SS will get his life together and be lined up to be a functioning member of society. Hopefully, he won't be expecting your DH to give him money directly that has been going to BM as CS. Keeping fingers crossed!

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Seemed positive - and no, he knows DH would never give him money like that.  Your skids are just shameless!