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Nothing Says Love Like A Court Summons

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SS19 is still dealing with the fall-out from his attraction to crazy girls and his most recent break-up. She served him with a summons last week after they broke up, exact reason unclear.  He apparently does have to fly to her city to meet with her and her attorney and get something notarized. DH offered his help in sorting it out, but SS declined, most likely because he's not being honest about his own part in this.  But anyway - he talked to the ex-GF last night (I'm sure she's using these legal matters as an excuse to engage with him ... hmm, that sounds familiar). 

He told DH that she told him she still loves him and will pay him to stay with her, including paying for his green card.  Even SS could see that's crazy!

Well, he'd better get used to this - unless he un-enmeshes himself from his mother, this is going to be who he attracts and is attracted to.

And in other news, he's going to check out a job near where his brother lives in Canada. I'm guessing it won't be right for him, but we shall see. 


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I am amazed that your SS, being so young, could already be tied up in such a mess.
Poor kid.
Maybe he wants to take over the drama channel from BM, start a solo show?

(Apologies tog redux: it must only be added stress when you think it is about to end.)

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Drama is all he knows. Crazy women who "need" him is all he knows.

It doesn't bother me because it's not my problem. He doesn't live here and CS WILL end, at 21, or if he moves out of BM's house to go get that job in Canada.

I actually feel sort of bad for him.

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Crossing my fingers for you that he doesn't get lured into bed when he goes out there and have her miraculously turn up pregnant 6 weeks later.   My SS also has an attraction to the certifiable type and is now a father in the early stages of custody hell.  What is it about the genes for crazy that somehow links to the genes for fertility?  If she is willing to actually pay him to stay with her, it is not a jump at all to trying to ensnare him with a pregnancy.

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Yes, this is a worry, for sure.  I wish BM was going with him and putting her shrieking harpie skills to good use, but he told DH he'd "rather die than take her with him."

I suppose it's good he's got DH.

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to Canada!!!  Maybe he'll stay out of trouble there.... NAH CS goes to forever in some cases.  Hopefully someone has taught him about birth control.

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Well they do say boys grow up and date people who remind them of their mother.  Looks like your SS is busy doing just that.  Hopefully the next gf will be less crazy. But prob not.

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He actually had another girlfriend who accused him of raping her.  Yep, he knows how to pick 'em.

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OMG what in the world is the summons for? I realize you do not know....WOW  HOLY COW

Keep us posted.