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Flying Into The Eye Of The Drama

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Update #1:  We are now told the Ex-GF has been arrested, apparently for assault on a family member.  That's all we know now!  At least she will be in jail while he's there, hopefully. 


SS19 is on his way down to Psycho Ex-GF's state to resolve this civil/criminal matter, whatever the eff it actually is, we still don't know.  He texted DH from the layover that the XGF's sister said she had to pick up the ex's car from an impound lot, and she may be in jail.  SS said ex GF's attorney told him he, SS, should be in jail.  SS wants to have attorney disbarred and arrested for that opinion. 

DH told SS that he of all people should understand that attorneys will form their opinions when all they hear are lies. 

Can't help but feel like this is a little bit of karma for SS for all the lying he did in court. 

Also can't help but feel bad for him dealing with this, he's just a kid.

Stay tuned ...


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It's terrible he's going through it but maybe, just maybe, he will learn some things and not continue the mistakes. The kid problems will be forever tho. You think he will ever have the 'a ha' moment and discuss the similarities with his situation and your DH's situation when SS was younger?

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Someday. DH basically keeps waving it in his face, but he just blinks stupidly and doesn't get it. 

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I feel like a trap is being set for you SS.  Also, why all the secrecy about the civil/criminal charges and/or allegations?  Something is not adding up about your SS.

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Bits & pieces from your previous post lead me to believe …

Xcrazy possibly had some sort of out patient surgery/was on prescription pain pills/ was not supposed to be driving had previously arranged with SS to drive her to & from some destination going as far as to have him added to her insurance (hence him possibly signing some type of documentation) but he was a no show, so she drove herself while medicated, was stopped and arrested blah blah blah

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Well - he doesn't have a driver's license.  We think it's something about a contract to watch over her or something. Unfortunately, DH doesn't ask the right questions, and I just stay out of it all. 

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A contract to watch over her? That would be a civil matter. I don't think you get arrested for a civil dispute.

Good luck to her - what a loon.

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Civil matter - possibly restraining order? Can you look up what the charges are online in your state?

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Since they are both online gamers I was thinking along the lines of some type of online fraud or identity theft. 

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You're in Canada and she's in the USA? I would have told her to eff off and say "extradite me!!"

I guess he can't do that as it would look bad for him on his green card application.