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BM, you are getting very predictable

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SS19 came over yesterday for Memorial Day, for a cook-out, and we actually had a very good time. I've been trying to let go of my anger at him for the years of alienation and how he's treated DH, and as he and DH get closer, it's been easier to do that.  SS has been pleasant, and while I still find his lying and bullshitting toxic, I'm willing to give him a chance.  Overall, we had a nice time.  A year ago, neither of us would have imagined him back in our lives.

Well today, here comes the email from BM, telling DH yet again that there is no tuition reduction for him because (insert blah blah blah bullshit here).  

Every time DH has a good encounter with SS, BM kicks him in the shins with some kind of harassing and bullying email about money. 

It's predictable now.  I'm not sure how it helps her feel better, but it's really very pathetic.  



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Oh good lord did you even read her post? No where did she even remotely say she was better than anyone. Ridiculous and so not helpful. 

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I deleted her. I'm not engaging in a battle with a bitter person who thinks her husband shouldn't have to pay child support.

Sorry, Petronella, you got deleted too as a result.  I don't have time for that crap.

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I am sorry if the truth hurts and if you want to hear only what serves you. Wishing you best of luck, feel bad for you tho.

FYI, I would’ve never married a man who is so cheap or bitter or just an asshole not to wish to pay for his own child’s documents, only to avenge his ex. That’s pathetic. Poor you.


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Well BM can't let them get too close or she might lose her son and then who would love her. It's ridiculous how insecure and vindictive PAS BMs are. 

That's awesome that you're letting go of the anger and we're able to have a good time with him. Is that the first time you've seen him?

If/when my SD comes back I think I'll have to handle it the same and keep my distance until I can see she's serious about being in the picture and wanting a relationship I'm tired of the drama and back and forth.

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I saw him a couple of other times when he first started coming around again, but I haven't seen him since October or so.


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Is she wanting DH to pay what would be next fall (even though he isn't attending) or is she meaning what still might be owed for current ending year?


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She's still arguing about the $750 tuition scholarship that the magistrate said she should get and apply to the tuition before they split it - for this year.


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Good for you for starting to move past the anger towards your skid.  I've been wondering if my DH's daughter ever was to come around if I'd be able to let it go or not.  I'm not usually one to hold grudges, but it's different with skids for some reason.  It's a complicated thing to have skids in ones life.

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Thanks. I really want DH to have a good relationship with SS and I don’t want to live in anger forever. He is/was an alienated kid and I can see his confusion. 

As always, when he’s at our house, you can see he likes it, he says things about how he’s going to come over more, etc. 

Then he gets back to BM’s and back into her Web and gets confused again. And he’s never once treated me badly.