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2020 Predictions - T minus 12 months to launch

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This is the final year of Child Support - but also the final year that SSstb20 can stay in the U.S. on his current visa (though technically, he has a six-month grace period before he has to leave).  Here are the options, as I see them:


  • He can return to Canada and get a job there (that's his current plan, though his job plans are not realistic, IMO, and he seems to be making minimal effort to get his license which is required for the job he wants).
  • He can get a green card through us
  • BM can figure out how to get a green card for him (ie, marry her BF, maybe get SS's sister to get him one if she's gotten her citizenship)
  • He can get a Student Visa and return to community college in the hope of getting good enough grades to then go to BM's college for free
  • He can do nothing and overstay his visa - he can probably get away with it as long as he doesn't leave the country or no one reports him (DH says he will, but I don't know if he really will). It's not like ICE is on the lookout for illegal Canadians.


I'm very happy we are down to one year, but ... will BM take DH back to court? Will he have to pay for more useless community college classes? DH is afraid BM will try to force him in court to pay for the entire green card - he's offered to pay half, BM has not made any offer to help.  I don't believe he can succeed in college given the utter absence of any work ethic, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility that BM will push him to try, costing DH more money.

I will be expecting a court summons at any time ... and I can't wait for the CS to be done so I never have to deal with that again. 


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Will the courts make your DH pay for a green card for a 20+ yr old?? That just seems over the top! I have a hard time with CS to 21, but adding keeping him documented in a country where he is making no real contributions just seems like serious government overstepping! 

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Who knows. They seem to do whatever a woman wants.  He brought up that he wanted SS to have a green card when they were last in court for the college tuition, and the court said they couldn't do anything because per BM, he wanted to go to college, and they had no other information otherwise. If BM wants it, I'm guessing they'd order him to pay half - which he's already offered.  I'm hoping it's out of their jurisdiction, but who knows.

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DH thinks once Child Support stops, she will dump SS on us - which could be true, since him overstaying could jeopardize her visa too - we'll see, I doubt it.  I think she just doesn't have much else in her life - she does have a BF, but they haven't moved in together after 7 years or so, so I don't what's going on there.  I also think it gives her a link to DH.

ETA: Whoops, that was meant as a reply to Gimlet.