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Nothing Says Love Like A Court Summons

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SS19 is still dealing with the fall-out from his attraction to crazy girls and his most recent break-up. She served him with a summons last week after they broke up, exact reason unclear.  He apparently does have to fly to her city to meet with her and her attorney and get something notarized. DH offered his help in sorting it out, but SS declined, most likely because he's not being honest about his own part in this.  But anyway - he talked to the ex-GF last night (I'm sure she's using these legal matters as an excuse to engage with him ... hmm, that sounds familiar). 

SS heads down the inevitable path

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Last report, my SS19 was dating an older woman - we thought she was 26 or 27, turns out she's "just" 23.  She lives in another state, they met online via gaming, and they'd been dating long-distance (traveling periodically to see each other) for about a year? Maybe more.  DH met her and she seemed just what you'd think an older woman dating a teen boy would be - crazy.

BM, you are getting very predictable

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SS19 came over yesterday for Memorial Day, for a cook-out, and we actually had a very good time. I've been trying to let go of my anger at him for the years of alienation and how he's treated DH, and as he and DH get closer, it's been easier to do that.  SS has been pleasant, and while I still find his lying and bullshitting toxic, I'm willing to give him a chance.  Overall, we had a nice time.  A year ago, neither of us would have imagined him back in our lives.

Update on "speaking of BMs who think the they own the kids"

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DH had dinner with SS19 tonight. He wants to take the year off from college next year. He says he doesn't like school (what a surprise), and he's been fighting with BM.  DH asked about the green card (without telling him BM had emailed him) and he said he "had always been interested in getting one".  Uh-huh.  DH told him he'd need to come up with the money (about $2000) and that perhaps he should ask BM, since DH was paying her a lot of money in child support every month.

Speaking of BMs who think they own the kid ...

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Last we heard, BM was threatening court, claiming she didn't get child support for April, even though it was garnished from his check.  Her last email said she would go down to Family Court and file a petition for them to sort it out.  DH ignored. Then she went quiet and we waited for a summons or a subpoena that never arrived.  

She was blissfully quiet for about 5 weeks.

Today, DH gets an email saying that SS told her that DH wants to talk to her about helping him get a green card?

Why does BM enjoy harassing DH?

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Well, as we know, BM is now in the business of harassing DH about the recent court order for increased child support and tuition for SS19.   She sent another email today about the tuition, because they have a disagreement about the interpretation of the CO, and also now claiming she didn't get child support for April.  CS has been going through Child Support Enforcement and money was taken from DH's check all through March.  She claims that they will no longer be taking it from his check and he will have to pay directly, but he has not yet been told that, and it's still coming out of his ch

Let's let the lawyers work it out

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Sigh. BM is ready to take DH back to court already.

First off, the CO he got is ridiculous.  We are smart, educated people and it's hard to figure out what he owes, I can't imagine how uneducated people do it. Health insurance is calculated as a weekly amount - welp, there aren't 4 weeks in a month, so he can't just pay a lump sum each month, he has to calculate it from 3/1-3/28.  Then from 3/29 to whatever.

BM's Money Shenanigans

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 BM TWICE in the last few weeks said she had "just mailed" the college receipts for SS's tuition - well, they finally arrived. He did not drop a class, though he did change one for another. And she very carefully heavily redacted SS's college ID number with a black marker, because egads, god forbid a father should know his son's college ID number! Imagine the havoc he could wreak with that information. (It occurs to me that she may have done that because I redacted my Social Security number from the tax returns we had to submit to court, and she's just that kind of tit for tat person).