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I have a question....not a step issue though

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This isn't a step issue but I would like a feedback from everyone please. My BD12 needs braces. I have set up consultation appointments at 3 different orthodontists because I don't have ortho on my dental plan so these charges will be paid out of pocket. I'm getting rates from 3 different ones. (sounds like car insurance huh? LOL) At any rate, I've asked the receptionist taking my appointment time what the general range is since they can't give me an exact until they decide on the course of treatment...blah blah blah. They are all telling me anywhere between $4,500 to $6,000 and one even told me $6,000 - $8,000. HOLY SHIT!!!! Is this the going rate? I've never had braces so I don't have a clue but DAMN!

I called the city that my family lives in (in another state) and they told me from $1,800 to $4,700 depending on the course of treatment. Do the rates very that much from state to state?

Any feedback you have would be GREATLY appreciated! OR if you have any advice on getting a better deal than the standard 10% off for cash paying customers that would be even MORE greatly appreciated!!

Thanks EVERYONE!!!


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So, I had braces a few years ago for like three years. You're right, they can't really tell you until they know what they need to do. BUT mine cost $4500. I had two impacting teeth (one was still under my pallet)and picket fence (not bad) gaps. I had to put $800 down and pay $125 per month until the balance was paid off with no interest. Basically I was paying $125 per adjustment. Pretty painless being that I didn't have ortho on my dental insurance either.

I would think it would be less if she's younger though, it usually takes less time/work because they aren't fully developed yet.

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Check in to flexible spending accounts (FSA)at work if you have them so you can at least save the tax dollars.

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Its probably about right. Ortho work is very, very expensive.

Just wait till you start pricing college costs....


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I can't believe how expensive it is! I guess I'll find out the real amount at the consultations and maybe they were giving a high estimate since they can't give an exact amount until they figure out the treatment. That's what I'm hopin for.

As for the FSA we are going to use that and luckily my DH works at the same company I do. Since there is a $3,000 max on medical FSA per employee we can get the ortho to give us two separate invoices so that we can turn it in on both of our FSA plans thus lowering our taxable income even more! If there is a bright spot about the expense that is one of them....that and BD12 will have perfect teeth and jaw alignment!

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Hi there, our SD needed braces, we paid around $2,500 out of pocket - after the coverage. I believe that the whole thing cost around $4,000. Can't believe the cost of those things!!! I had them on about 20 years ago and it cost my parents around $3,000. Thank GOD only one of the kids needed them. Smile