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O.T/ dog people question

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How do you get a pup to sleep through the night. I just got a jack Russell pup from a neighbor who bought him and ended up over her head and wanted to take him to a shelter. I have a really big heart and am a known animal lover. I know alot of the shelters around here are high kill plus I doubt even the ASPCA would take a pup that hasnt had all its shots. Long story short I gave DH the puppy dog eyes and the promise of a little extra special night time treat. He caved and now we have a new pup.

I cant get him to relax. I think he is scared of our two dobbies because he barks like crazy when hey get near him. My dobbies are older dogs. They are just chill and playful they love their sleep lol and hardly ever bark unless they feel threatend. When I first rescued them they just instantly meshed and got comfy. The Dobbies usually follow DH into the room at night and curl up on their beds in their spots and nod off. This pup isn't having it. He has been active all day but wine down. He keeps barking pissing off the dobbies and DH who are trying to sleep. I made myself a place on the couch trying to see if he will feel better away from the other dogs and calm down. He is still barking and running around.

I apologize if this was a long blog. Any tips?


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My chihuahua was terrible as a puppy, she wanted to be with us and was so tiny we were terrified of crushing her at night. My FDH put her in a kennel with my ancient yorkie. It worked. You can try putting a heating pad and a ticking clock or get one of those teddy bears for babies that sounds like the womb and that may soothe the puppy at night.

Try putting blankets that smell like the dobies near the jack russell so he gets used to their scent. It will take a while for the puppy to become comfortable with the big dogs. You can also try giving him treats every time he is around the big dogs and hopefully he will catch on that he should stop barking and he gets a reward.

Also peanut butter keeps a barking dog busy and quiet. It has stopped many barkathons at my house.

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Jack Russell's are pretty high strung, I'd take him out for a run if you can so he can relax around the other dogs if you haven't already. Otherwise maybe put him in a kennel with a ticking clock which may help to calm him down. I don't recommend taking him to bed unless you plan on continuing in doing so.

If you have a treadmill, I'd run him on that. Wink

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At the risk of being flamed I must agree with terrikitty.

I too have a JackaBee (Beagle-Jack Russell mix) and he is a handfull!

We used a shock collar on both our full blooded Beagle and our JackaBee... it doesn't hurt them and it gets them to focus their attention on YOU.


I would NEVER use a shock collar on a baby dog. I always wait until they are 1 year old, at least. A puppy just isn't going to get it.

I also recommend the crate training. This one simple lesson could save your new puppy's life some day.

HOWEVER, having said all of that... (hanging my head in shame)

I must confess that I took our puppies to bed with us. Yes, we still pay the price for it today. But... hey! I love them!

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Skids should all be crate trained. A lot of marriages could be saved with a little crate training... }:)

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I have a JRT and she is nothing like the stereotypical JRT. Her fat lazy butt prefers to be under the covers and the only time she is active is outside. She also knows a number if commands and is very well behaved.

This is a puppy that is in a strange new environment with two large scary beasts that he is probably worried will try to eat him.

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Thanks for all of the advice. I'm going to take him on a short run and try the ticking clock thing. I'm going to do my best to put all of this advice to use. I'm up for a challenge and just might loose some weight bouncing off energy with this pup lol.

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A tired jack Russell is a good jack Russell. Really just wear that pups butt out every day and he'll settle down, a bit.

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Two words. Tennis ball. My jack LOVES her balls!!! (And hates my ex husband....) tire the pup out! They are SMART dogs but guaranteed they will give you lots of entertainment!