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I am new to this so please bare with me. I apologize. I have 3 step children. An 18 year old SD by one mother (bm1) 9 and 6 year old ss from another mother (bm2). It is total hell dealing with all of their crap without adding my husbands crap to it. I also have an 8 year old of my own, who's father was recently killed in a motor vehicle accident. I guess my main complaint, at the moment, is "what really is fair" and why aren't the same rules played on both ends? I am responsible for my son, no one else is. I support him, I clothe him, I pay for anything he needs. My husband doesn't, if he actually does, I reimburse him. If the bms take their kids on vacations or throw them birthday parties my son isn't invited, nor would I ever expect it. But I am an evil sorry sm bc my son wanted to invite friends from school to his bday and the skids werent invited on a trip I took my son on. I have taken all of my skids on many trips, bm2 went to Vegas, new York, destin and a few other places just last year and has never taken her 2 boys! But I'm a total bitch for not taking them. Why doesn't she? And why should I continue to force my son to invite his 2 sbrothers instead of his friends to his bday? My step boys have 3 bday parties, my son gets 1. They have nothing in common. So I punish mine so they get it all????


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Ignore it! In the 5 years I have been with my husband we have been the only ones to take my stepchildren on vacation. And last year after my stepson had done days in the hospital and was laying in a hospital bed in the middle of my living room for a week because she decided to move three days after her came home. When she got moved (keep in mind surgery was on the books in January for a surgery date in early July and she bought the house in may but didn't move until July?) So my parents and I took my bio son 4 months and my stepson who was healthy to the beach for a week and she bitched the the nurse that I hired to help her with stepson 11 about me doing going to the beach. Fast forward to this past Easter my older stepson did 18 more days in the hospital and then needed 3 more surgeries to finish that lasted 4 months. She cancelled one because she was going to be on vacation... Hello moron! Let me also mention that last January when he needed an added surgery to the one in July she got sick and didn't take him and his brother was with me on her day...ended up snowing like mad so snow day for him and she was no where to be found. I had to work that day because it was a grand opening for my job and on top of it because it was a five hour notice that we needed to come get the kid (one needing surgery) my husband wasn't able to pack and overnight bag so I got someone to take other stepson got my son to the baby sitter and had to drive an hour to the hospital because of all of the snow to make sure my husband who hadn't slept his overnight bag! But, it is our agenda to make her look like a piece of shit!

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Pay it no attention, those boys have 2 parents and your not one of them. Take care of your own child and let your stepsons parents care for them. If there parents want them to go on vacation they can take them. Your child doesn't need to invite his stepbrothers over his friends its ridiculous for anyone ot assume otherwise. Just ignore them and go on with your business.

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This is the very reason that BM#2 and I got into a brawl a few years ago. She called my DH and left a VM to complain about the fact that I was (supposedly) doing more with SD than SS and in her preachy little tone was saying that I was hurting his feelings and I ought to think about that. Every instance she sited was bull-crap

1. I took SD to work with me once and not SS- Stupid Bitch- it was bring your DAUGHTER to work day, SD called and asked me if she could go to work with me since her POS mother doesn't work.

2. I took SD and a friend to the movies and not SS- Stupid Bitch- it was planned two days prior and not my fault that SS was laying on the couch sicker than a dog with MONO!

3. DH and I went and got our Christmas tree that year when SD was there and not SS- Stupid Bitch-Not our fault that SS was at your freak cult church when we planned to get a tree. Sorry, but I'm not planning my life around your dumb ass BM schedule. Oh and might I add, that DH DID go and get SS after cult church and we purposely left half the tree for HIM to decorate.

After that I disengaged completely. I NEVER take either skid anywhere now. Not playing her stupid games and I refuse to be caught in that damned if I do and damned if I don't SM role.

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I hear ya! It's not like I haven't a clue. My son had a sm. we never had these issues! my 2 sn's bm gets 1600 per month for 2 boys. They show up in rags ans leave in the clothes I buy them. No more! She doesn't use one dime on those boys!! You wild thing they are homeless!!!! But...I am suppose to support them so she can play on their child suppot income!!!! Really!!???!!!