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I'm Older Than Dirt But What's Up with the Facebook "Truth Is" Videos?

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Full of pointless drivel ad nauseum. Talking about "we're really close--we touch each others boobs and butts alot"


"Truth isssss-- I really, really like you" blah blah blah "you make me laugh"

SD 15 1/2 especially with her eye rolls, weird faces, duck lips and drama trying to be comedic.

I can't even imagine being this self absorbed and shallow at this age!!

At 15, I was trying to look for summer jobs and gearing up for the drivers license test. At age 12, I was touring Europe with my grandmother who tolerated absolutely NO nonsense!

Does your DH/SO/BF think he can SING? (and can't to save his life)?

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Biodad is constantly catterwalling; especially when soused (which is almost always)--belting out a tune at a volume that would make a jackhammer blush. He actually thinks he can sing and was told by a few people that he CAN sing (because they are afraid of him and would NEVER say otherwise)

He has a high-pitched voice to begin with for a man; add to it a total lack of vibrato and then barely carrying the tune (pitchy).

I have earplugs for his snoring but all I can do is laugh and say "don't quit your day job."

Homage to Stepdown

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OSS 17.5 is "going to be a rock star" (TM)

Of course the BM PROUDLY posted OSS on FB doing the talent show (should be called talentLESS show but I digress)

Well I'll give him one thing. . . he's just like biodad. . . LOUD!!!

"Keep on rockin' in the FREE WORLD"

Biodad thinks he's a good singer (himself and his crotch droppings)

Umm none of them can carry a tune in a steel plated BUCKET!!

Is This a "MAN" Thing or What? --Added a Few More

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1. Never checking items we already have in the pantry, therefore buying duplicate items (several bottles of the same thing in the cupboard) I am FOREVER trying to consolidate condiments etc.

2. Having several boxes of stuff opened without finishing the first (similar to item 1)

3. When cooking, making HUGE batches of food that we'll never eat even if we freeze (WTF???)

Does Anyone Else's DH/SO/Biodad Do This?? (Blog Hog Today--Level 3 Annoyance)

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Is this just an alcoholic trait or what?

I'm from a VERY strict European background where bragging about oneself is at best obnoxious and at worst, a cardinal SIN!

Biodad brags about EVERYTHING he does--even if what he does is mediocre at best.

Example: "OOOHHH this is the BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER!!" (after cooking one of his infamous mexican/asian/latin/english fusion ad hoc meals)

MOTY BM. . .

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1. Calls her BM "Mommy" or "My Mommy" (BM is 43 years old)
2. Posts lovely, healthy recipes like "meatball subs on a stick" (canned biscuits wrapped around a greasy meatball on a skewer--and talks about her "picky teen boys"
3. Brags that she's waiting for gas station pizza to feed her family on a Friday night
4. Chuckles at the fact that her 15 1/2 year old daughter won't eat fruits or veggies; only chicken mcnuggets and cheese (she has GOT to be plugged up a mile high)

Has Anyone Attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University?

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Let me be more specific. Has anyone gotten their SO/DH/BF to go to or take online Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University courses?

Biodad is so truly horrific with money it's unreal. He repeatedly overdraws then blames the bank. He buys the first thing he sees and is an impulse buyer without doing any of the research first. And Biodad is the type to think that there's nothing wrong with him--anything he doesn't agree with is instantly proclaimed wrong. He's Mary Poppins--practically perfect in every way!

There Oughta Be a Charity/Foundation To Stamp Out Stepmotherhood. . .

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with literature warning young women not to go down this path!!! A mandatory film on PAS, the lop-sided court system and CS. . .how it will affect YOU!! Early education is the key.

We need slogans as well:

Just say NO to Stepmotherhood!
This is your brain, this is your brain after skids. . .any questions?
The number one road to poverty is not necessarily single parenthood. . .it's stepmotherhood!!

Feel free to glom on!