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Won't Be Long Before OSS's Uncle's Partner Will Be Sick of the Mooch. . .

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I feel it in my bones already. OSS (will be 18 early October) is writing disrespectful posts about his Uncle's partner. And from what I know about this guy's background, he most likely will NOT put up with a disrespectful young punk like OSS.

He is also being somewhat nasty to the partner's dog. A BIG no no!

I'm pretty sure that OSS will wear out his welcome, mooching off of Uncle and partner and being a jerk.

Tomorrow is the Attorney Consultation (I don't have my hopes up)

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Editor's note: The venue is NYS in which CS goes to 21 mandatory; just to be clear so that no one responds "he's 18, so he's done with CS"
NYS also says that if a child enters college and he extends it past age 21, then the BM is entitled to extra CS, which I have NO doubt that is what the BM intends to have happen.

This is the third attorney that Chef has used since WELL after the divorce. He foolishly went pro se for the divorce when the BM "lawyered up!"

The magistrate is notoriously anti-father and rabidly pro-BM.

The Seven Hours I Had With YSS--My Nanny 911 Event

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So about six years ago, I had the "opportunity" to have YSS (at the time 6 yrs old) completely under my watch--no holds barred.

Chef had to work that Saturday and it was a weekend that the BM wanted to dump him on us. Of course, Chef said "yes" to my babysitting of him--the way NCP biodads often do without much if any consultation of SM.

SO, I decided to have the same rules as I would my own children who are now grown and productive, self-supporting members of society.

Well I Let Chef Know ERRRVERYTHING That OSS was up to on FB INCLUDING the BM's Shenanigans!!

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I let Chef "have it" and showed him the FB printouts.

He looked STUNNED as though someone had hit him in the gut. EVERYTHING OSS thinks is EXACTLY OPPOSITE to the way Chef thinks. The meterosexuality, the cuddly, softie, weenie, scared of his own shadow, EMO overtones. The fact that OSS is becoming as big as the Goodyear Blimp. The fact that OSS has NO future plans whatsoever. Floating around smoking pot, playing vid games, gorging and doing nothing constructive all day or night.

Some of the LOW lights of my Step Career (somewhat lengthy)

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When I first laid eyes upon SD, she was 5 years old and beating the CRAP out of OSS, age 7 (not a good sign)

Visitation was withheld by the BM for three months and our first meeting was a haunted hayride in which I had paid for everything (as usual). All three skids clung to Chef's leg and stared at the ground refusing to speak or make eye contact. The PAS campaign was WELL on it's way by BM and clan.

So If Anyone Wants to Take a Peek at the Next Justin Bieber/American Idol. . .

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aka OSS, Just PM me and I will direct you to the website where he went to "Rock Star Camp"

There doesn't seem to be any 2014 photos just yet, so no photos of the "houseshitter" aka YSS. They may have footage but are probably sending it to Nat Geo as proof that mutants do in fact exist.

Blog Hog Alert: Seems like They've Created a New Alpha Grade for Underachievers

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I've heard of this before but not in this area. Alpha grades A,B,C,D,E and F

They never had "E" before in skid's school district.

Guess there was a need for it. And "E" isn't for excellent. SD, now in grade 10, is already getting zeroes for no homework completed and got her first "E" in global studies.

So we now have "high failing"


Update: Elephant in the Room--Downward Modification

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So after several days had gone by (rewind to last Friday) after Chef had learned that OSS (will be 18 early October--bear in mind that CS here goes to 21 pretty much mandatory) had voluntarily and with the BM's permission moved out into Chef's estranged brothers home, I decided to bite the bullet.

Friday, after work, I helped Chef on a side job. We went to a restaurant (which is a HUGE rarity--we eat out maybe once or twice a year and never do fast food--a sticking point with the skids)

The Back Story on the Houseshitting Incident (for those of you who are rather new) Spring of '09

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Chef (biodad) was (and still would be had all three not PASed out) a MASSIVE GUILTY PARENT. He kissed ass and kissed ass and kiss ass till his extremely thin lips were purple.

Back in '03/'04 I had a HELL of a time convincing him early on that co-sleeping was BAD for children (and adults) but I digress.

Five Year Anniversary of the Houseshitter's PASing out over DINNER

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Yep five years ago today, the Houseshitter (YSS) made such a stink (pun intended) about his homemade dinner, that he spit it out, stuck his tongue out and demanded to go "back to Mom's" (TM)

So Chef actually complied (this was after a long period of disengagement on my part with intermittent "pep talks*" to the skids)took him back and said "come back when you have some manners."