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Wow! You Can Get on the Honor Roll With a B Average!!

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Never knew this!

Now Dominatrix (SD 18) who is finishing up the 2nd month of grade 12, is nowhere NEAR a B average, but I find it interesting that you can be on the honor roll with a B average.

When did THIS change? I thought that honor roll was an A average and high honor roll (which we didn't have back in the day, just honor roll) was an "A+" average.

Did the bar of expectations once again take a tumble while I wasn't looking?

When I was a kid (and my bios) the alpha grading was as follows:

B=better do better
C=clear out your room, you're getting disowned
D=don't come back--disowned


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B!tch honer roll
Bj honor roll
Bugly honor roll
Bex honor roll

You are to old for new school grade Trice.... that the only honor roll I made... number one, still working on the others

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My district does "Principal's Honor Roll," "High Honor Roll," and "Honor Roll."

Honor = 3.0-3.39

High = 3.4-3.79

Principal's = north of 3.8

Why? Because participation trophy.....

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If I remember correct the 5.0 scale should apply to high school students taking advanced college level courses.

I went to an early college is a junior and senior, our scale went to 5.0 to accommodate the college level courses, since a 4.0 only considered honors level courses. Since one was harder than the other you got more points.

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I think it downgraded because our younger generations are victims of the older generations' expectations...and with this comes mental issues because they don't want or know how to deal with "not being first" or "failing" or "losing".....

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COMPLETELY disagree. Found a 4th grade reader from 1918

Geometry, poetry, science, stuff that today's liberal arts bachelors degreed person would have a hard time with.

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I finished high school in 3 years. With 21 advanced placement and regents credits (and yes I'm over 55) I had college level English and Biology. Had STACKS of books and homework.

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Ladies .... ladies

We need 33.33% for pass.... standard lever
40% to pass for high level....

22 points for university.... that's about 50% ave

now explain to me.... why why oh effing why do we have only a 10%passing rate in school

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Probably more of the dumbing down of 'Merica so as to not make any of the speshul snowflakes feel bad. I know in the District that I work in, the teachers are not allowed to give a report card grade lower than a 50. So if the kid has a 22 average, report card says 50.

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I know, it is ridiculous! My SS14 gets an A for getting 89 on one of his subjects. 89 is an A now, REALLY?!

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The schools in our area have a "Merit Roll" for kids who have raised their overall GPA by 5 or more points in the quarter. So, if a kid raises his GPA from a 40% to a 45%- YAAAAY!!- Merit Roll!

The SSs- now 17 and 12- were lavishly rewarded by BM on the rare occasion they made this dubious honor with video games, dinners out, and new cell phones. Way to reward a kid for raising his D to...still a D! :?