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Who's Skid Is This?

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So I have a 3 bdrm newly remodeled apt for rent 9/1.  Against my better judgement, I advertised on FB marketplace.   A duckfaced Gen Z chick posted that my ad was a SCAM because my automated (2 step) process asks for full name and current address!

Seriously?  I also get push back on SS# which is more understandable but in NYS, squatters  and renters have more rights than the actual property owners!

You can't screen based on evictions, source of income, ESAs.

 Upstate evictions (when there isn't a moratorium) take 4-6 months best case scenario.   Downstate can take forever. 


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I would post your rental on Zillow,, and/or Realtor. Going through FB marketplace is questionable. My Grandpa had good luck listing his rentals through Zillow and always had good tenants. 

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Now charge to advertise.  Problem with zillow is that they post your photos which the tax assessors troll then said town assessor will immediately jack up your tax assessment.

I've had the most success on   Believe it or not craigslist isn't as bad as it used to be and it is now much better than Facebook marketplace.

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FB marketplace is full of people trying to scam... I agree... a more "local centric" type of ad might be better.  there is always the thought of using a property management company.. but obv they cost money...

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Doing my own property management as I used to be a professional property manager with a real estate license in a past life.   I also worked with HUD and did fair market rental calculations for the local housing authority.

 It's just unreal that these kids think that they don't have to give any information and somebody will just rent to them even though most of them have zero income and are living with mommykins.

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I would not have a problem giving information to a legit landlord for a place I was interested in.  I would also not provide the information you asked for in your FB ad though.. not in advance.. not knowing who you are.. if there is even a place to rent.

that's a new scam these days.. people get money up front for places they don't even own.. and I won't provide any of my own identifying information unless I am certain that the person renting does, in fact, own the property.. and is legit.

I get at some point there has to be some mutual trust.. but it does make it more difficult for the small landlord to make sure.. and for renters to make sure they are protected too.

(and my exh had a property he was in the process of selling to a local councilwoman... and the closing kept getting delayed.. and we lived out of state.. one day a friend was going by the house and congratulated him on the sale going through.. but it hadn't.. apparently this "councilwoman" rented the home to someone and was collecting rent when she didn't own it at all.)  

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But I don't ask for any deposit upfront and all my photos are watermarked.

To out and out label my ad as a scam two days after it is posted AND this person as far as I know didn't even inquire is ridiculous.   I belong to a popular landlord forum and more and more tenants with hurt fee fees that got turned down are flagging legitimate ads as scams.

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oh I don't know

I'd not provide my full name and address and SS#  online if I don't even know if it's legit and haven't seen the place or talked to you. Upon seeing the place or discussing it, I might not even like the place and I already gave you, a stranger, my info. Too much scam everywhere. I've never been asked all that up front and I was long time renter when my DD was growing up and I lived in affluent areas (for my DD's school), so it's unusual to request all that up front and  on Facebook to boot  


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Where eviction moratoriums prevail more and more landlords are tightening their process and want high credit scores and lots of verification up front  before they even show the place. 

  During covid,  there were many virtual tours and most landlords post numerous photos of the place including myself  Which seem to suffice.  

 This particular Gen. Z chick wanted to know if the name and address was for mailing an application.  Yeah, no.


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I get that evictions are tough.. esp now.  BUT.. the fact remains that someone is going to be leery of providing someone on the internet too much personal information prior to having any other communication.

Absolutely, you would need to have proper information for a renter.. and I could even see wanting to know at least a name and phone  number of someone you are planning to meet in person.. and you can always have the "first date" at a public spot like a coffee house etc.. to make sure you feel comfortable actually taking them to view the property in person.. 

but... no longer being in covid.. I would not give anyone information too specific on either side of the equation... if your ad required them to provide information prior to getting more details.. it certainly could have appeard to be a "fishing" expedition for user data.

and sure.. people flag things legit and not legit.. but that doesn't mean that they didn't feel any less comfortable telling a stranger where they live now.

and your pictures are watermarked.. how does that make them feel any more sure? how would they know what the watermark should be?  it may help someone not "steal" the pics.. but not prevent that the pics were originally stolen from a non watermarked page.

again.. I'm sure that a potential renter understands at some point in the process.. you will need information like you are asking for.. but they may not want to share that at the first casual online inquiry stage.

I just don't think this is entitled or naive behavior.. and they are letting you know you aren't possibly getting as much interest due to the hoops.

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I'm getting bombarded with responses as many small mom and pop landlords have called it quits and have sold out to owner occupied or big REITs .  The NYS 2019 laws and moratoriums were the last straw.  

Therefore it created a lack of rental housing and rentals are now at a premium.   

I get not wanting to get scammed but I'm pretty darn sure people were getting scammed over the phone by friendly voices, over the television by friendly faces, eye catching printed ads and even via the mail.  All long before the advent of the internet.

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Sure.. people have been scammed back to the beginning of time.. but that doesn't mean that the person who thought your add could be a scam was in the wrong or acting entitled in some way.  The internet has changed the way that some scams are perpetrated.. but sure.. not the first time a scam has been done.

Glad to hear you are getting a good response.  I don't think anyone is saying that you shouldn't use any social media as advertising.. but you can absolutely not expect people to 100% take you at face value given the fact that scamming IS a real possibility online.  So, you can't blame that person for being cautious.. but again.. if you are getting good response otherwise.. it's no big loss that you miss some potential renters.. because you have "plenty" of others interested anyway. 

Some people may miss opportunities by been too cautious.. some people will get taken advantage of by not being cautious enough.. we all struggle to put ourselves somewhere on that spectrum that will benefit us most and hurt us least.

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You are within your rights to request whatever info but the fact remains that many people would be careful about sharing info with strangers. 

watermark doesn't mean anything, anyone can watermark anything. It just means your stuff cannot be stolen but it doesn't prove the source of your pics 

I actually think that younger generation being a bit more savvy and being more careful sharing the info on the internet. Older generations are more likely to fall in the hands of scammers because they might not be aware of all things that happening. Younger folks also migjt be more technology savvy and know that watermarking pictures doesn't mean their are from a legit source 

I have no doubt that you'll find renters who'll be willing to share the info and commit to the process right away (especially if in a rush) but not everyone can be expected to 

PS virtual tours are perfectly acceptable and common but no one needs to provide their address and SS# or credit scores to see a virtual tour. No one ever asked me. For in person tour you'd show driver license but by then you'd know if it's a real property  


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People were getting scammed long before the advent of the internet.  I work in IT and I've found younger people less worried about security than older people, in general.

I don't select anyone that is desperate, has a hard luck story, is in a rush to move, has an uncooperative attitude, cannot verify their source of income, has a negative PREVIOUS landlord reference (not current landlord) and any of those red flags in general.

It's a different world out there since covid.

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Luckily for you, the Skunk Ape is down in FL currently (probably squatting somewhere). She's stopped paying rent and had to be evicted from at least five houses by now.

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There are too many millenials on FB marketplace. I would go with Zillow or some rental based online company with a good rep. Millenials have zero follow-through and always want you to lower the price or accomodate them in some way. A duckfaced photo is a no-go for me. I won't even respond to those twats. A profile photo can say so much about a person's ethics and intelligence level, don't you think? Maybe its just my gen X attitude, but if you are doing business with someone, your first impression shouldn't be a kissyface pic or bikini top pic or you flexing your muscles. Its not a date, its a business transaction.