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Well It Happened to Me After Fifteen Years!

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Backstory:  Chef participates in a low income and senior citizen heating assistance program.  He goes out and cleans their heating systems and/or does a recommendation for repairs/new system.   This time he was sent out to do a recommendation.   Upon entering, he and his sub contractor noticed MANY cats (aka animal horder) of this elderly woman's home which happens to be located in an upscale neighborhood.

The next thing they know, they are being attacked by fleas and are covered in them!  The elderly woman also refuses to let them inspect her water heater which is part of the requirement for state funding.  They practically run out of the house get in their vehicle, drive off to an abandoned parking lot, strip down to their underwear, tossing their clothes out the door and then I get the call explaining all of this.

Chef (voice under great duress) "Can you break off from work and come out here? We need a bug bomb and flea spray stat!!"  I said I would.

Five minutes later they are getting desperate and I'm a good 20 minutes from their location.  Chef obviously didn't think I grasped the severity of the situation so he calls me again. 

"[Girhippo's first name--shortened version starts with a "B"] uhhh errrrr, Babe" which her usually calls me as my first name is quite unusual for the United States anyway.  "Just want to let you know we are in our underwear and our clothes are covered in fleas!!!"

That caught me by surprise but I'm thinking he was so anxiety ridden over the fleas that he slipped up.  His brain literally went on hold I guess.

He has never accidentally called me by the Girhippo's name in the past.  So I've joined that "club."



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No he dit'ent.

Awww, he really means BM reminds him of fleas.

Hey, is he required to call social services? The Senior living there in the fleas needs attention and maybe removal until it is under control.

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the appropriate authorities.  However the supervisor implied that they just didn't want to put up with the fleas!!! WTF??

I contacted a guy that I work with who works for the Humane Society here in our county to double check that this situation was on their radar

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TT, please call Animal Control as well. The more agencies you notify, the better the odds that someone will respond.

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In these parts the Humane Society is the animal Control Department.  I will follow up with my colleague in our County Animal Control to see what the outcome was to the County south of us.

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waiting for clothes made me laugh.  DH hasn't ever called me by Beaver's name, he has however made references to sh*t that Beaver would do and I usually just respond back with "Wrong Wife".  

I have, however, called DH by the Village Idiots name once when he was picking at me for something.  Opps....

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Chef sent me a photo of his hairy legs being attacked by fleas.  I guess he thought I didn't believe him.

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Try having the same name as BM *insert eye roll*

I found out her name when I met the skids and SO says "they might look at you funny because you two have the same name" 

Its spelled differently though... small positive. 

EDIT: SO and SS17 have the same name.... it's the male version of my name. A lot of the same name being thrown around "insert mega eye roll" haha.

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My sister and BM have the same name, so he could pass it off as that, not that it would bother me. I've called him the dog's name by accident before.

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DH called me by BM's name once right after we were married, when I was sitting in the passenger seat while he was driving, SKs in the back. Ugh, gross, but whatever. It hasn't happened since.

He has called BM by my name, during kid exchanges. That pissed her right off, ha.

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Poor guy!  I'd excuse this slip and try to keep a serious look on my face.  Lol.

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Ugh I'm sorry!

My ex introduced me with Psycho's name at his graduation.  I almost murdered him.

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Sorry you are now part of that "club" but this is still a pretty funny story.  LOL! 

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SO has called me BM's name a few times, usually when we are fighting.

I, on the other hand, am lucky; SO and my ex share the same name... lol!

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My DH called me his ex's name a handful of times when we first started dating. Of course that's not the same person as BM thankfully and I actually like his ex lol