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Very Grateful I Never had an "Ours" Baby with Chef!

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Had my tubes tied in my thirties.  At that point I had two children (that I was supporting alone) and that was it for me.  Met Chef in my forties.   SOOOO glad I didn't have an "ours" baby.  Mainly because Chef can't parent his way out of a paper bag.  He overlooks the most heinous of stuff if said pet (or child) is cuuuute!!!

I can see how the skids got away with practically murder, especially because he was under the watchful eye of BFFer, Girhippo.  We now have a bengal kitten (well just turned 1 yr old so cat) that has been getting away with scratching, biting, back-hissing, you name it because she is sooooo cuuuuuute.  I don't tolerate it so she rarely does that with me.  Chef says the EXACT.SAME.PHRASES with me when his ferals were coming around:

1.  you're too MEAAAANNN!

2.  you're too STRIIIIICT!

3.  she doesn't LIKE YOOOUU!



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I wonder about the "ours" babies sometimes too - not for the women with no kids, but for the women who already have kids. Seems like you are just adding stress to an already stressful situation.

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TT, I too am glad Chef hasn't had any more kids. He *ahem* isn't parent material, and comes from a very dysfunctional background. Three skids with his DNA is bad enough. I shudder to think of the He!! he'd have put you through with an ours baby.

Your bios have turned out so well, but any child Chef had to raise would be a different story.

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Could not agree more. Chef should have been vasectomized several decades ago. He’s probably in the 3 or 5 worst fathers I’ve seen on these boards. 

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We have TWO ours babies, our Weims :)   We lost two pregnancies though.  Probably for the best- I was too old to start over, but my heart still aches. I'm super happy we have our pups though.

And thrice, you are a solid mom, even with his DNA and 'parenting' input I think the kid would have turned out fine because of you.