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Update: College Attendance Status for SD (stb 19)

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Registrar has been contacted and apparently he "lost" the tax papers that were sent to him showing that Chef did indeed claim SD (will be 19 in 4 weeks) on his taxes for 2016. Registrar started spouting about FERPA and SD's "rights to know that her father is inquiring about her status. etc. etc" Meanwhile Chef still shells out massive CS for her and her brother to the Girhippo.

Sounds to me like the Registrar has already put the Girhippo and SD on notice that Chef is inquiring about her attendance status.

Chef wrote back saying when the papers were faxed and that he is very concerned that SD is NOT attending school. And if the Registrar requires anything from his attorney's office.

Meanwhile SD continues to post absolutely NOTHING about community college--lots of photos during the week/daytime showing her anyplace else BUT community college--most are at home/local selfies with no friends around (they're probably either employed or actually attending college). Not sure if she lost her part time job at the pizzeria either--it's not on her "front page profile" anymore. Nothing in her status about going to community college either.

The plot thickens. . .


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thinkthrice, I know it can be frustrating to hear this, but I work in a registrar's office at a university and we can not give out any information unless there is a ferpa form on file. The student has to complete it online where I am and they expire after 1 year.

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So that begs the question... if SD is NOT going to school (which it sure seems like she isn't) how would she know to go online to fill out the FERPA form? Of course she/the Girhippo would NOT give permission for Chef to see anything. Would the Registrar need to mail a copy of the info and the URL to SD?

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If she is not going to school then she would not know to complete the form. I'm not sure if all schools do things the same way, we do not send anything to the student to complete it, but they are given that information at orientation. I have heard of parents sending monies to their child for school only to find out from the child that they quit attending. You might could contact the dean of students. They are separate from the registrar's office.

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Ok, thanks for the info! Upon first contact of the Registrar, he confirmed SD was enrolled for Fall 2017 and said he would need Chef's tax forms from 2016 so that he, in accordance with FERPA, could release attendance info (other than grades--we know she will bomb out in that dept.) So the sudden 180 by the Registrar seemed odd.

I also surmise that she would be signed up for LOTS of remedial classes as she reads and comprehends at a 6th grade level. So she has a looooooonnnnnnnngggg way to go.

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I'm guessing that if she is enrolled in classes for the semester then that "ticks" off the box that she is attending school. Unless she has withdrawn from the classes, she is still technically a student. Perhaps a FAILING student if she is not attending classes, but nevertheless is a student of the college.

Unless the CO stipulates a certain attendance or grade progress... the fact that she signed up for classes and didn't drop them would mean she is still a student (albeit a Failing one)

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If your SD has not put your spouses name on her FERPA, the Registrar cannot release that information. It does not matter what is on the tax forms.

It would be a violation of the Buckley Amendment and your sd's right to privacy for the Registrar "s office to provide that information. If your name is not on her FERPA, they should not be having any discussions with you regarding her status. Only people that the student puts on the FERPA, can receive any information. It is in no way tied to family relationship or who pays the tuition.

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There is no office at a college or university that can provide information to you with a FERPA form being on file

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Guess its time to visit the attorney's office to mediate the CO then. Either she is full time employed or making strides toward post secondary edu. Knowing how she was raised there's no way she's working her way through college.

No way will full CS continue for the next 2 years while SD skips around the Girhippo's house.

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I don't know what kind of language is in your CO, but you should look into tying CS and other funding to the children being full-time students "in good standing" at their respective universities. Many universities define what "in good standing" means to them, but you could also include provisions of your own including attending class.

The BM in my cousin's life used to have her kids (my cousin's skids) enroll in one class a semester just to keep getting money. Sometimes they would enroll in the same class they took the semester before. Most colleges have requirements for how many classes you need to be enrolled in to be considered "full-time" and one class is not enough.

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Sounds like something the Girhippo would do. The Registrar did get back to Chef and told him that he would need to get SD's permission for release of attendance reports. We all know THAT'S not gonna happen. And Chef's tax papers? They found their way to the FINANCIAL AID OFFICE per the Registrar. Even though Chef's income was not figured in to the original college apps because the Gir would be counting her (now artificially lowered) income, the CS she gets from Chef and, if she's honest (NOT) StepDaddyBigBucks' income.

Sooooo the SECOND the Registrar gets back with the news that SD has refused access to her father, then we will be hitting the attorney's office--hopefully for Constructive Emancipation By Conduct would be optimal.

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File a motion to end CS due to the kid not being enrolled in college and see how quickly "proof" shows up. If it ends up mediation have your DH stand firm that SD must provide proof and access to her records when you modify the CO. I'm pretty sure my DH's CO has a credit and grade requirement to keep the CS teat flowing.

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Well Registrar did confirm that she's enrolled--Here is what the horrid MOU/CO says:

Emancipation Event:

The NCP's CS obligations shall cease uon each child's attainment of an Emancipation Event, which shall occur or be deemed to have occurred upon the earliest happening of any of the following:

1. reaching age of 21 or the completion of 4 academic years of college education during the years immediately following the child's graduation from high school, unless interrupted for good cause, whichever shall come LAST

2. marriage, even though such marriage may be void or avoidable;

3. permanent residence away from the residence of either parent (note: this is where we caught OSS accidentally emancipating himself shortly after age 19) Residence at boarding school, camp or college is not to be deemed as residence away from the residence of either parent and, hence such residence at a boarding school, camp or college, is not an Emancipation Event.

4. death;

5. entry into the Armed Forces of the United States or the Peace Corps or other similar service; provided, however, that upon discharge from the Armed Forces, Peace Corps or other similar service, the child shall not be regarded as emancipation unless or until another emancipation event has occurred.

6. engaging in full-time employment after the attaining the age of eighteen years of age, except, and providing that:

a. engaging by the child in part-time employment shall not be deemed an Emancipation Event; however, if the child is employed part-time and is capable of full-time employment, the parties shall re-enter mediation to determine a new support schedule based on the then existing circumstances of the child's capabilities for self-support (note: this is where the Girhippo will throw down the "learning disabled--other" card); and

b. engaging by the child in full-time employment during vacation and summer periods shall not be deemed an Emancipation Event.

7. An Emancipation Event shall be deemed deferred beyond the twenty-first birthday of the child only if, and so long as, the child pursues undergraduate college education with a reasonable diligence and on a normally continuous basis, unless interrupted by good cause.

8. College education does not include education in the evening, unless said education constitutes a full course of study normally ending in four years.

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This may do it:

7. An Emancipation Event shall be deemed deferred beyond th twenty-first birthday of the child only if, and so long as, the child pursues undergraduate college education with a reasonable diligence and on a normally continuous basis, unless interrupted by good cause.

Reasonable diligence means attending. Regularly. As a normal student would.

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I wish but that clause is talking about extending CS BEYOND 21 years old. She'll be 19 next month and I'm thinking item 6-a would be more appropo. She's enrolled but no sign of attending and she still looks like she is working part-time so need to rehash CO to have her piss or get off the pot.

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Colleges will not provide information re grades or attendance of adult students to anyone, including parents unless students provide a permission. My nephew struggled first year of college (attendance issue primarily), my nephew gave my brother access to grades etc No way college would just tell my brother anything. I bet you registrar is talking about FERPA because he knows he could get in major trouble violating the law.

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I didn't think the college could disclose, but then I found this:

If I am a parent of a college student, do I have the right to see my child's education records, especially if I pay the bill?
As noted above, the rights under FERPA transfer from the parents to the student, once the student turns 18 years old or enters a postsecondary institution at any age. However, although the rights under FERPA have now transferred to the student, a school may disclose information from an "eligible student's" education records to the parents of the student, without the student's consent, if the student is a dependent for tax purposes. Neither the age of the student nor the parent's status as a custodial parent is relevant. If a student is claimed as a dependent by either parent for tax purposes, then either parent may have access under this provision. (34 CFR ยง 99.31(a)(8).)

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EXACTLY! However as soon as SD denies Chef's access, it's off to the attorney's office. The Girhippo has told all 3 skids that Chef pays no CS and is a deadbeat dad.

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Just a thought... Chef should apply for not paying CS, do to SD not attending college..... then it's up to BM and SD to proof she's registered and attending.... Wink

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acrat, we would love to go for constructive emancipation by conduct. That would be fantastic.