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UGH Chef's Relatives!

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So this morning I get a call from Seasoned Citizen which is Chef's oldest half brother.    He is heading towards being 80 years old and is the most friendly of all but usually only calls when he wants something done on his computer.   Once a year around Christmas or Thanksgiving he shows up with some bottom shelf liquor.  LOL

 He also is an enabling guilty daddy as far as one of his sons is concerned and is always giving money to him.

 I text him back,  no response.  Then I get a call from Chef saying that he wants to borrow $1000... something about switching banks.   I must say that in the past,  Seasoned Citizen has always had a problem with being scammed over the phone or getting ransomware on his computer until I took away all of the admin permissions.

 Normally when somebody (rately) borrows from me I get a written  payment agreement and a copy of their driver's license, SS #.     I  did not get such this time as I figured he loaned us some money back in the day when Chef was dead broke from massive CS and his brats were bleeding us dry.

 He stated he would pay us back on September 21st so I'm not sure if he's doing some sort of cd or what.   It just seemed weird and I have this strange feeling that I will never see that money again.   Hopefully I'm wrong.


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I hope it works out.  I don't lend money to friends because I wouldn't want it to ruin the friendship - but fortunately none have asked or needed it yet.


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My mom (and grandmother) always said if you "loan" money to a family member or friend, you should think of it not as a loan, but a gift...not because you should want to give money to people, but because the likelihood of it getting paid back was slim to none. 

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Dave Ramsey says that all the time. 

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Hey, TT,

You’ve written:

…he loaned us some money back in the day when Chef was dead broke from massive CS and his brats were bleeding us dry….

Although I agree, completely, with both caninelover and strugglingSM (both of whom are sources of first-rate advice), the brother’s previous generosity should constitute an exception to your usual loan requirements. Particularly, since he’s provided a specific day to repay you. 

I certainly hope I’m right, since $1000.00 is a lot of money! Pardon