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They Spent MONEY on a Study With THIS Conclusion??

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Whaddayaknow!!!  Excessive screen time and social media use causes DEPRESSION (and usually attention seeking behavious) in youngsters!

Well DUH!!!!

What kids need is structure, discipline, fresh air, sunshine and healthy meals/habits established in TODDLERHOOD!

NOT endless screen time because parents want an electronic babysitter.


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Youngsters don't get enough exercise.  We went on a beach vacay recently and I saw so many kids that were either downright fat or skinny fat.  No muscle tone whatsoever.


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would be an IMPROVEMENT from what I've seen.   Back in the old days even the "fat kids" were solidly built!   Theses kids look like marshmallow blobs.  Even YSS who is addicted to screens is 6'3" tall and nothing looks like an out of shape, portly woman.

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In a way, it's just as bad as they used to talk about the unrealistic images of models in magazines etc.. making girls feel inferior.

Believe me,  I know what my SD's look like on a regular basis and I know what goes on in their lives.  What happens in social media is usually their best version of themselves.

I don't know.. maybe the rise of the two income households coming at the same time as the rise of screen time (tv,computer,games).. has left kids overstimulated and over-ignored.

So many kids don't spend a whole lot of meaningful time with their parents.  Parents work full time jobs.. have precious little time to take care of home.. run errands.. work out or whatever.. It's just so easy to let the kid go off and be entertained by the screen.

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They also just conducted a poll that says American kids would rather be Youtubers over Astronauts when they grow up.

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These kids rather text then interact in person. Play two or four person games on cell phones.  Part of this as parents we think keeping kids in our house keep them safe.  Kids have a whole different life goals. You don’t see kids playing outside.  It’s either organize sports or nothing. 

Part of it is that both parents have to work, and kids are told to stay inside after school because there no responsible adults   around the neighborhood at 3 pm. 

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ss then 17.5 was having computer addict withdrawal symptoms. Back and forth fidgeting incessantly checking the mains and calling daddy at work every half hour to bitch why the power wasn’t on

idiot didn’t know what else to do when there was no access to technology. 

Hubby was pissed off that he kept calling hubby at work about this unimportant stuff. Power was off for just over an hour

in the old days you’d read a book or play in the backyard