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Seven Days in and YSS Gets his First Tardy/Late

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He's off to another roaring start.  Last year  it took him 9/18 to get his first Tardy/Late

Awesome!   /s

IF he doesn't drop out or land in jail I can ONLY IMAGINE what kind of Senior-itis he will have. 


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Is this the house shitter? I have my own house shitter now. DH put the pup on SD17s bed last night and she pooped. Miss "I want a dog" was so furious. He shouldn't have put her on the bed since she's not trained but sd17 the "dog lover" shouldnt have reacted like that.

Best of luck with ss senior year

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launched by the Girhippo and after the older two had PASed out, YSS was continuing entitlement sessions... errrrr I mean "visitation."  Chef was still an "early bird" from his concrete mfg plant job so he was up at 4 a.m. on Saturdays by routine.   Of course Guilty/Disney Daaaadddeee was in full swing as he had "lost" Pumpkinhead OSS and the Animal Torturer, SD. 

Chef would wake up YSS to surf for toys on the web sitting on Daaaddeeee's lap.  This is a kid who had no bedtime at the Girhippo's and had deep, dark circles under his eyes as well as terrible nutrition with back to back screens.  He would often fall asleep on the sofa and Chef would take him to his bed.   Of course I advised against all this as a bad idea.  Bad for everyone's sleep habits. 

So Chef eventually decided that I *MAY* be right.  He stopped waking up at 4 to toy surf with YSS.  Well YSS didn't as he had the habit now of waking up at 4 on Saturday to surf for toys (it was MARCH and he was looking for CHRISTMAS toys already; his birthday is in JANUARY)

I sleep very lightly so I would hear everything whilst Chef would saw wood through the entire thing.  First weekend, YSS (stb 7) woke up at 4 on Saturday and I could hear him start to talk to himself/play in his room.  Then he crept into our room without knocking.  I escorted him back to his room and told him there was a big day ahead so he needs his sleep.  Two minutes later YSS was forcing himself to vomit.

Chef got up and believed YSS to be ill (which he wasn't)  I told YSS out of earshot of Chef that I know he is upset about not surfing for toys early in the morning and that is why he is forcing himself to vomit.  You should have SEEN the look I got.  If looks could kill---- kind of like the Damien look on The Omen!

The next Saturday same scenario.  YSS wakes up at 4 and I hear him play and talk to himself for about 2 minutes.  He skulks into our room again.  Wash, rinse and repeat.  I tell him that he needs his sleep and he needs to go back to bed.   Soon the air fills with a TERRIBLE smell!  YSS turns on the waterworks.  I nudge Chef to see what is going on.   Sure enough YSS, out of sheer anger, defecated all through his room, in the living room, on the furniture--all over the place!!!

Chef was like "why, WHY??!!"

I knew damn well WHY.  YSS didn't get his way and there was now a speck of rules.  it wasn't much longer before he PASed out over a homecooked meal for good.

P.S. this was the kid that acted like a mini spouse to Chef.  He would mimic everything on TV "for a laugh" and then look over his shoulder at Chef, coquettishly batt his long blonde eyelashes, do pantomime for no reason at all and would jump into my side of the bed if I got up to get a glass of water/go to the washroom.  Also he was HUGE for his age.  easily the size of an 11 year old at age 7 so it was with some effort that little me would drag his 85 lbs back into his bed.

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So this was 10 years ago? And you're still with Chef. Good for you for sticking it out. You deserve any good that comes of this...if any good ever comes of this. I know they dont come around much. Good for you not for Chef. It is hard to see our spouses be walked all over and treated so badly.

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was just over 10 years ago.  The PASout came a few short months after.   Chef does have mad construction skills....

Good for making money (once CS finishes its giant sucking sound)