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Place Your Bets!!

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YSS (The House Shitter) stb 17 will be starting 11th grade tomorrow.  Using the straight 17% figure rounded off I predict:

Disciplinary Referals:   last semester 19    this semester:  22

Lates/Skips:  last semester 66   this semester:  77

Of course all major courses will be failed despite the IEP and summer school will be attended the summer of 2020.

Those are my predictions.


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that this is child number THREE that she has failed yet in real life she is a "foster parent counselor!"

You just.can't.make.this.stuff.up!!!!

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popcorn was low carb

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TT~ Is that a typo? Did you mean to write "House Sitter " like he  makes some cash  watching homes for people away on vacation OR  is he making something but it ain't cash? 

Blink twice if it is option number 2..literally..a Number Two? 

WTF? At  17 ! ???




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because he literally shit all over my house at stb 7 because he was angry he didn't get to web surf for toys at 3 a.m. on a saturday   Something that Chef got into the bad habit of doing with him.  mind you it was MARCH and he was already looking for CHRISTMAS toys.

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Oh Thrice you are way too generous in your prediction!

Im gonna go with …

The House Shitter meets Johnny Law this year. I see a court appearance in his near future 

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I can EASILY see the House Shitter in Orange which would contrast with his moon face and ginger colouring.