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I am on a few landlord forums and one account from CA sounded a lot like LI and SkunkApe.  Lots of entitlement out there!

"One of my tenants just learned her rent has been optional during the pandemic, so says the News. She informed me that at 49, she's done with working for a paycheck, then having to spend it all for things like rent.

So I had a meaningful short conversation saying that Most of her expenses were optional. She's a spender and not a saver, buying things she can not afford on credit and eating out every day. I see the delivery meals thrown in her trash bin and all of the Amazon deliveries every week.

She finally asked me what I was going to do when she stop paying her February rent. So I lied, or told a white lie. I said, I'm going to contact your auto finance company and let them know your quitting your job and they may need to repossess the vehicle before it gets trashed. She said I can't do that. I went further and said, Now I'm going to contact your boss and let him know you want to quit and not to fire you so he won't have to pay unemployment benefits. "Oh no!" she replied.

Last I said I will meet with my attorney this week and add you to my list of current evictions, be prepared to be served.

She was quiet and then responded, she's leaving her rent check on the kitchen counter, I can come tomorrow and pick it up. I thanked her."


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Evictions of tenants, some landlord owners just felt it was more financially sound to sell the property which means they give say 4 weeks notice for them to find a new home. Many of these tenants went to social media to see how they could stall or prevent them being evicted because home was being sold to new owners who were purchasing it as a home to live in. 

they were trying to rort the system with no care or concern for the owners of the property. All they cared about was they can't afford the higher rental rates now because there were more people needing rental homes than there were available.

some people just think they can play the rules. The moratorium doesn't mean you get to stop paying rent, you still need to pay whatever you can. Many of these dodgy people complained when the moratorium was lifted and many owners sold their homes to recoup losses.

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I tell ya it has got to be HARD being a landlord these days.

The Skunk Ape is currently living in a motel room paid for by some mysterious man "off of Facebook" (heard this from Little Idiot who heard it from the youngest daughter, who is 10 - so she didn't know the details). Any bets on what HE is getting out of the deal???

The Skunk Ape had quite the scam going when she WAS renting here in NY - she would pay for a few months at first (using tax money) then shortly after stop paying her rent. In NY the eviction process takes forever so she could ride for months saving money by not paying. It's faster down in FL but also because of this, no one does any research on tenants so she managed to get into a few places. Personally her life has spiraled so out of control I'm not sure she could even get a place these days. From what we are hearing, she's addicted to pills and no idea if she's even still working at the moment. According to LI she is basically homeless. 
She was hopped up in painkillers, dancing in a Halloween costume (which was ripped and exposing part of her a bra-less breast) in broad daylight on the street corner. I saw a video of it. It was disgusting.

Little Idiot and Goofy, the two dipshits, are atleast both working but making rent is going to be TOUGH for them! She's still ordering out expensive delivered seafood and other stuff all the time. The student loans and tax money are the only thing keeping her afloat for her half of the rent right now. Also Goofy is just as bad with money as she is (I originally thought he was more responsible but NOPE). Fortunately for him his mom might bail him out if he ever couldn't make his part of the obligations (she is a loon too - oh and I also found out her bf? The Mexican drug dealer? Yeah he's definitely still drug running AND he is still married to some woman back in Mexico. Goofy found that out on the phone with her right in front of us). I fully expect things to go south at some point this year when Little Idiot hits a wall with her college grades and either has to change her major (but to what??) or drop out. Then, no more loan money coming in AND no decent job.

In related news she is once again trying to get a different job (since no one apparently hired her for all the $80k+ jobs she applied to that required actual advanced degrees that she didn't have) so she is currently trying her luck applying for other server jobs, bartending jobs, paralegal jobs, vet tech jobs etc. No idea what she is thinking as some of these are full-time so how does that work with college? (Which she is still Chegging (cough cough cheating) her way through). 

Im sure she is loving the fact that now she has a huge rent bill (plus water and utilities) which are cutting into her spending. She always had everything paid for by the government her whole life so I'm sure she thinks it's unfair she has to spend her money on rent. (She thought it was bs she had to actually pay for medical insurance). 

They were both complaining about customers who don't tip (which, granted, you should tip but I can only imagine what type of server she is despite her claims of being the hardest working one there and making all the money... then why are you looking to switch jobs?)

The entitlement these days IS off the charts. Some people expecting everyone else to provide for them. It's insane.