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O/T The Rental Applicants; Yikes!!!

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So I'm getting rental applicants for my upstairs apartment now.  A young woman called with an unknown restricted phone number.  She has two young girls neither of which she has custody of.  Now this is New York state where a BM has to be practically a Jeffrey Dahmer to lose custody.

She has no rental history and looks like she is renting With Friends but trying to Airbnb or look for a substitute roommate at her current place?  Her social media a few years back shows her youngest a toddler at the time in a full arm cast. Red flags!!!


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Scary, you just never know what you are going to get with renters. About 20 years ago our neighbors moved out of state and decided to rent their house out. They rented the house to a nice military family with kids...sounds great right? Ummm no they were crazy, the kids would try to break down the fence boards to get into our back yard, the mom was like some weird shut in you never saw and the dad had his "grow" lamp on late at night and would forget to shut it off in the early morning. The neighbors ended up moving back and the house was a trash pit. The toilet in the guest bathroom had been removed and thrown into the hallway. Their were holes in the walls, the carpets looked like they had dragged dead bodies around on it and the pool outback looked like it was used as a toilet on a regular basis.

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ive rented our before  so I vet pretty carefully.   First applicant was charged with stealing from a  walmart self checkout with a partner.   At the time their was a bench warrant for something else. AND she started immediately complaining about her current landlord of 6 months.

Ummm, NO!

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I'm probably going to get flamed for this but I've been told that single moms tend to be the worse tenants with no or always late rent money and allow their kids to destroy the home.  

I know this does not apply to all single moms and was probably this particular landlord's experience based on property location and rent amount.

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I had a rental property at one point (a house split into 3 apartments) and every once in a while I see a good bargain to fix up and rent out again.  Then I remember what a nightmare it was and lay down somewhere quiet until the urge passes.  I know that I also will be flamed but I rented one time and one time only to someone with kids.  They absolutely trashed the apartment and caused a well-paying tenant to move out because she could not get any peace to study or sleep.  I felt really badly for her and did not have the heart to enforce the terms of the lease against her because she was absolutely in the right to want to move out early.  There were plenty of other later applicants who did not have kids and had higher credit scores so there was no issue with "discrimination" before I finally unloaded the property and got out of the landlord business.

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I have absolutely no sympathy for people who play the single mom card... it makes me want to puke.

Mainly because I was a true single mom working two jobs with no child support and managed to pay my rent on time and buy a house.  I've had three applicants so far; two are single moms and would-be Nightmares.  

I'm hoping the second applicant will come through.  He is a disabled guy with a live-in aide.  He is state-funded so rent will come automatically.

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Oh lord. Good luck to you. I'm on my second round of tenants in our rent house right now and they are a dream. A doctor doing his residency at a local hospital, wife stays at home with a toddler and a small dog. I rarely hear from them, but on a few occasions they've needed me to come to the house for various reasons with short notice and everything is always clean and in good shape. We lived in that house for years and I'm still in touch with the neighbors and they always tell me how much they like the tenants. The first ones were another story though. Absolute nightmare to get them to pay on time and I had to replace all the flooring and repaint when they left. And they didn't even have kids at home! 

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some extensive, but much needed remodeling.  Porches were falling apart, electric was knob and tube/arcing so that has been updated.  Went from 2600 sq foot house with "inlaw apt" to proper duplex.

It's in a "C" grade area, lower blue collar area, however I have owned in "D" grade areas before with little bother due to extensive screening.