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O/T Can't Catch A Break (Work Rant)

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So five months, 10 days to retirement and what happens?  The new sheriff is horrible and

hires one of his cronies that is a reject from the FBI.  This guy is a know-it-all and is trying to climb to the top by stomping over everybody in the IT department.  I told him twice why changing software package would not be a good idea  ( money already spent elsewhere and no support from this company).  

He ignores me and goes straight to my boss's boss.  Ironically the next day he's asking for support for this very same software package that he wants.  He become's demanding with me and several other staff.  He is going to be the next under sheriff or chief of police because he is the sheriff's friend.

He thinks of himself as computer savvy but I had to correct misinformation twice that he was giving out to fellow staff.

 My boss, "Dr. Phil"  says I just have to put up with him.   This guy used to work for the county over 10 yrs ago then left to go to the FBI who promptly got rid of him and now he is back.

He also is fairly good looking so the narcissism just drips off of him!!  Arrgghh!!!




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I agree with your boss but only because in ten days you are outta there! It'll add an extra dimension to your FREEDOM! 

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and five months

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I mean love, love, love.  When all the work baloney drops out of your life, it is so great.  I loved my job for about 28 years, not so much the last 5.  It takes awhile for your brain to adjust, im still adjusting in some ways, like still rushing thru errands.  Then, the only hassle you will have will be the family hassle like all us STs have.  Lol.


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You have put up with Chef, his ferals and the Girhippo and Clan for years.  5 months and 10 days with this buffoon should be a piece of cake for you.

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Do you have any sick time?  Start working four days weeks.  If no holiday in the week take a sick day. Tuesday ,or a Wednesday to break the week up. 

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but no one does my work when Im out.  Although they could they just let it pile up for me.  I get requests/issues all weekend and all shifts, holidays, coming in that pile up.  Everyone else's job is 8-5.   More bad of the worker bees is retiring next month

The dead wood didn't take the incentive so now it is basically myself and my co worker taking on 1000 users.

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I think that last year, I had enough vacation/sick time saved up so I think I was able to do 3-day weekends every other weekend.  That helped a lot, just knowing I had it planned helped, too.

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its now a race not a marathon...


just imagine when you are walking around in your pjs on a monday afternoon...

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Surely his requests can get lost on somebody's desk or inbox for five months. Happens all the time.

I still love my job most days, but I'm about 2 years out from retirement. I have less and less patience for some of it.

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im the only one that does sheriff and 911 server, sw and hw support.

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I'd start a countdown chart. When I knew I was leaving one terrible job, I created a countdown chart with the number of days left. I removed one every day and it was so freeing to watch it count down to zero.