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OSS23 (Pumpkinhead) Is just WHACKED!! Bizarre yet Strangely Amusing

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Seriously?  He is on social media saying that "If anyone wants to punch me in the face just message me and I'll give you my address; I won't defend myself or hit back but I'll just ask you why you want to hit me before you do."

Of course the Girhippo is "likeing" all of his posts on this as is the Houseshitter17!!!  One of the Gir's married-BFFs-when-she-was-still-married-to-Chef (TM)  chimed in with "I'm going to go all hillbilly on anyone who punches you, Pumpkinhead"  And the Gir responds to her lifelong BFF "I looove you"  then it becomes something shy of a mutual admiration society.

OMG More White Trash Nation Attention Seeking!!!

It should be noted that StepDaddyBigBucks seems to have given up chiming in on any of the skid's social media a looonnnng time ago when he was shot down by the Gir for posting the driving law on the Animal Torturer's FB page when she said she had been deliberately violating the law.   Poor SDBB didn't receive ONE "happy birthday" post recently from neither the Gir nor any of the skids--only his side of the family, co-workers and his friends.  Not even from the married-Gir's-BFF-when-she-was-still-married-to-Chef (TM)



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(the attractive side on Chef's side of the family) asked "why would anyone want to punch you in the face?"

Here is Pumpkinhead's response:  "Sometimes when I feel I have nothing left to offer... I can remember that I can always offer this... It's therapeutic and affordable."   \

Soooo masochistic tendencies.  Nice job, Girhippo!  The Gir chimed in again saying "your face has already taken too many hits from concussions to cat attacks" 



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Uhhh... wow....

Just when I think I've heard it all (haven't said that in nearly a year)! Thank you for the good laugh TT.

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Uhhhhmmmmmm okay wow majoy attention seeking right there and the GIR is there egging it on, what a bunch of loose screws!

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purposely emotionally stunting a child so that at age 23 he is thinking and acting like a 9 year old and will probably be stuck there forever.

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I'm pretty sure most 9 year olds have more common sense than this...

The attention seeking is so blatant and disgusting!  I'm sure this will be my SD at 23!  Ugh!