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Odes to StepDADS abound; StepMOMs? Not So Much

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While visiting my DIL and DGD this weekend over in the Buffalo area, yet another local news story pops up about how an SD (3 in fact) bought her stepDAD a classic car that he had his eyes on.  She goes on to praise her stepdad and someone who "stepped up" (overused cliche alert) blah blah blah.  And yes her bio dad is still living.

In fact, all through social media and YouTube videos are stories such as this but you'd be hard-pressed to find it in the reverse.  HMMMMM I wonder why?? (rhetoric tags OFF)


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This guy had exeife kick out the minor sd's the moment he could whilst bio dad has been the only one financially responsible for them and made an effort to make sure they got the best education. 
but hcgubm brainwash skids often to accept stepdad like a real dad. 

but bio dad's wife is to be acknowledged as the trashy hoe. Its such hypocrisy and double standards

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I blame Disney first off. It's drilled into kids that SMs are evil. Other films, even Stepmom, don't really put us in a good light. It's always some jealousy of BM or we're the money grubbing new wives (as if!!).

But the media in general parade us as homebreakers, jealous, evil women who want nothing to do with these children. Even if that last part becomes true, it's usually not from the get go. What I see when I read all of these blogs are a lot of SMs who have tried very hard to blend families, BE a family with children who are not theirs, and it is usually undermined by the BM or other family members, sometimes even the DH.

So why SMs and not SDs? How many movies can you name with an SD who has not already replaced the dad or with an evil SD? SDs are usually set up by the (primary carer) BM to replace dad. Dad is bad, he's a deadbeat, a loser, an abuser. BM is goddess and whatever man she gets with is dad replacement. When SDs aren't called "dad" people ask why, but never the other way around. The media and society in general revere the golden uterus, that is the good story.

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My SD moms fiancé of 10 years now is nothing but drama and comflict with BM and people are always saying how wonderful he is for stepping up for her two daughters. Ignore the fact he tells all the kids he'd leave their mom if he knew she wouldn't alienate him from his son like she has her daughters from their dads. SM who fought tooth and nail for SD to get her teeth fixed. To get rid of lice. And weird infections. And to get nice clothes and into school etc etc. Well SM mom is a bitch.