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Mr. Not So Neutral

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Calls out of the blue.  Because he wants something, of course.  He wants Chef to come out and fix his roof after he screwed up the flashing.  He lives about 30 min away in far end Girhippoville.

Just ugh.  We have a million of our own projects!



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Can Chef just say no?  Tell him sorry, not sorry but we are too busy.

Or tell him that Chef will be free in early March if he can wait?  *diablo*

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"I'm sorry but we're super swamped* right now with our own outside stuff but once I get our's done I can shoot you a text to see if you still need help"


* = that's swamped w/ a cape.... my grand daughter's favorite joke when someone says "super something"

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"Look at it" when he is in that area this week putting in a boiler to offer his opinion.   He told him "don't you know any local Amish to do the job?" LOL.

Obviously he wants FREE labor.

I just don't get the "don't give someone the time of day until you want something from them" mentality.