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More Senior Photos!

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This one is of the Girhippo and HousesHitter in a "couples" pose, with the Gir resting her head on his shoulder and clutching his arm.   Even StepDaddyBigBuck's brother commented "nice couple photo."  

Then Gir's minions chime in "your mom is epic!"

HousesHitter: "yes she is...God bless my mother."



Again, senior photos with mommykins?  WTF?


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Eternal Teenager took senior pics like this with OSS. He didn't seem to care whether he had the photos or not, but there were several of them being huggy and "couply". Those photos took precedence over completing FAFSA...

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BM here has shown *zero* interest in (or even knowledge of) OSS's college application planning, but is hyper focused on his senior photo session. Priorities.

Hoping she has enough social sense to not insert herself creepily. But she sent DH's elderly grandmother a birthday card with group photos of herself and the SKs, so it's conceivable.

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she was standing behind GWR and had her arms around him like you would with your significant other...ewwwww...poor SD was off to the side.  In fact the church pic looked exactly like the one she and DH took for their engagement photo.  Then there was another one like the one your describe with HouseShitter....just like 

We haven't heard of any SR pics for the GWR....yet...but I would expect the same type of thing.

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I just want to know how BRAINWASHED a kid has to be for this.  I didn't even want senior photos of ME, let alone of me and my mom. *gag*

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I always took a photo of senrios with the parent that came with. Not like a couple posing though.....that's just wierd.  But as a mom who's had two kids get through that milestone, I always took just one to give them as a gift.  

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I have an imgur link!!

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Overly dramatic SS14 recently created a FB page for himself. His cover photo is him in his football uniform attempting to look tough (he actually looks like he's pouting) with BM next to him with one arm around him, the other touching his arm and giving him a duck face kiss on the cheek. It totally looks like a couple photo. There was another photo he posted where he had a weird smug smile on his face and BM was behind him with her arms wrapped around him prom-pose style. Both photos creeped me out!