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Kitchen Wars Are Over VENT

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Chef proclaimed that he doesnt like food cooked in my brand new smoker anymore.   He prefers lighter fluid soaked charcoal even though we have a charcoal grill that has a propane tank ignition!!!

Claims all smoked food tastes the same!  From now on he's going back to over buying, over spending and wasting food! .  He doesnt like the way I portion meals, plan meals around what's on sale etc. 

Well good because I'm Nooming anyway so I can make small meals and watch my weight while he eats himself to death.


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I'd be petty about this. Take note of everything he buys and note of how much is thrown away and the cost of what is thrown away. Then present him with the total at the end of the month and tell him that this is how much extra he has to add to his portion of the bills for his wastage. 

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He was in one of his mantrum moods last night and reversed course this morning.  Last night he was in a huff and was saying that he is going to make his own meals from now on.

Which is absolutely ridiculous because he has full blown house rehab project going on 25 minutes away.

Seriously I am too old for this toddler like behavior. 

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If he going to make his own meals. Including buying the food.  I would look at it as a win for you.   You cook for yourself what you want to eat