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One of the ferals relatives "cousins"  (in reality very closed age niece to the ferals--Chef was the youngest of a large brood) posted on her social media an anti-PAS post.  I will call her "Lolita."   Lolita's father (Chef's nephew who is about 5 years younger than Chef) is divorced from the BM.  These skids (2 girls slightly older than the 3 ferals) went through a bout of PAS but basically turned out slightly better than the ferals.  Both of Lolita's parents struggle with alcoholism.

Of course the Gir who routinely trolls Lolita's social media posts was no where to be seen on this post;  Also missing were any of the ferals who often comment on Lolita's social media.   She went through her "hate dad" stage but since becoming a single mother herself seems to be more accepting of both her parents.   From what I can see, Lolita goes through great lengths not to PAS out her children against their father(s).

Both Lolita and Lolita's BM are "friends" with the Girhippo so the Gir's lack of commenting is quite unusual.