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HousesHitter Turns 18...

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And he continues to have his accounts deleted in "mainstream" social media (haven't checked snapchat)  so no way to track if he has "left the mothership"  (CS goes to 21 here) unless the Gir's clan spills the beans.

However seeing as enmeshed as he is, I doubt he will leave mommykin's basement until well after age 21

I imagine he is on TikTok though...


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she doesnt post there anymore.  It is just up to Give the link to her onlyfans account and tiktok.  Her tiktok was soft core porn

so I can only imagine what her only fans is.  I think maybe the young people don't facebook or instagram or twitter anymore.  I think they probably only tiktok and snapchat.   

halo1998's picture GWR..they will be living in mommies basement for years to come. 

Thankfully CS for GWR ends in exactly 3 months when GWR turns 19.  Doesn't matter if he is still in high school...19 is it.  

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Clicking the glasses - so now 3 years even! To go. Luckily here in California its 18 and graduate highschool, although I am introducing the idea of emancipation to Munchkin SD14. 

3 years and 5 months to go here, even with the california advantage.

So  - how are you celebrating?

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ideas. At first I was like "a big party", now its more solo thoughts of far away travel.