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Girhippo Sighting!!!

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Yesterday, as I was leaving a very small store that is halfway between my town and Girhippoville ( and coincidentally the same area that the Animal Torturer, SD stb 22, now lives in), a very tall, large and pale woman with an auburn ponytail came in and held the door open for me.

I guess this is the only plus side to having to wear a mask because I'm pretty sure she probably didn't recognize me but I sure as hell recognized her by her frame.  I guess I look like a lot of shorter, olive skinned women that are floating around so it wasn't reciprocal.

Had she recognized me, she would not have held the door open for me that is for sure!

I quietly said "Thank you" and bee lined to my car.




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Isn't it nice to know that a BM will hold a door for someone she thinks is a total stranger, but would not hold the door if she knew it was the woman who married her exH and has given more to her children than any other person on Earth?

Logically, BMs should be thanking us above all others... but not our BMs. Aren't they lovely.

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On the HousesHitter's stellar school attendance record.

He has been absent every day since school has started both from remote learning and in person.


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Isn't that the truth! I provide her children with a home that they are safe in. They have their own rooms, plenty of food, and we regularly entertain them...despite all that, both DH and I are the scum of the earth. 

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My SGD37 lost custody of her oldest son to her dad who is raising him with SGD37's stepmother.  Long story.  Any way, SGD37 and her stepmother always had a strained relationship.  I'm sure a lot if it was due to SD58's actions, like telling SGD to just call her if mean ole SM abused her, like making her eat something.  Then SD58 would go pick her up.  I'm sure the SM was heartily sick of the whole scene.  So anyway, SGD's dad and the SM are raising this 6yo.

SGD37 has matured and is trying to do her best now.  She wrote the SM a long letter apologizing for past misdeeds.  But she wonders why SM is not warming to her.  I told her, SM still works full-time with a 1 hour commute each way. That couple was getting ready for retirement and now all of a sudden they have a child to raise (and are doing beautifully).  I told her, you ought to get down on your knees every day and thank God for her.  

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Fools everybody.  According to her community she's practically the mayor in the town of population 5000.  She's a church lady, All American, Girl Next Door, corn-fed, pure as the wind driven snow, soccer mom who rose From the Ashes of divorce like a phoenix.

Sometimes it's a lot easier to have a meth BM.

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helps the homeless, goes to church...such a god fearing upstanding human.


MMM..hhhmmm....Beaver is just a boarder line that can mirror really well.

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What I don't get is how she maintains her stellar reputation when everyone in town can see the three ferals she's raised and how they've turned out.  When I encounter a horrid child (especially a teen), I don't automatically think bad parenting.  There are bad eggs out there, and teens in general are atrocious creatures.  But three of them?  I'm thinking the parent sucks.  There's only so much a divorced mom can blame on the other parent when he hasn't been in the picture in years.

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Don't you know. H e r  b r a ts are crippled for Life due to the divorce

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I won't lie I kind of like the masks out in public that way I can pretend I don't recognize anybody.
I haven't seen Meth Mouth is god like 5-6 years I don't think I would recognize her even if I did see her. Same with Spawn.

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That even with the mask the gir hippo is instantly recognizable