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cLove Deserves a New Name for "Munchkin"

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now that she's spit in cLove's face and told her its raining:

Some proposals:


1. Traitorkin

2. Princess Feral

3. Benedict Betty


Feel free to add--get creative.  all part of cLove's venting process now that she has been forced to disengage from Munchkin's parenting because her DAH and BM won't do it but don't want her to do it either.


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TT2  (Toxic Troll the II)

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I vote for Benedict Betty or Buttmunch...

Other options:

Feral Traitor

Toxic Traitor

Feral Flunkie (or soon to be...)


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On Clove's blog I saw "Turncoat" and just about peed myself laughing. I commented above about how Feral Flunkie cracked me right up too! lmfaooooo 

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I have done my job of "harassment" too well, and shes not flunking. Getting bs and an a and some cs and an F.

Benedict Turncoat...combo?

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I just got up to speed, and I think Feral Mini-Troll is definitely worthy! So sorry cLove it got to this point for you.  Definitely keep looking after you!

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You never know when she going to flip flop back to being a normal human.

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You already have the Feral Forger.

Feral Forger 1 = FF1

Flip Flop 2 - FF2

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I live in the real world. If you want a real name how about Cloves's step daughter. Cuz that is who she is,

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In the real world cLove is "Dads Wife" and she is "DH's daughter"

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cLove is being sarcastic calling her Little Darling, she must have a name that suits her betrayal

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I feel awful for Clove but I knew this was going to happen.

In my experience, apples dont fall far from the trees that they originate from...

I never believed that "munchkin" was as angelic as portrayed in cloves posts....I believe that she was manipulating clove in order to escape her inconvenient family situation with BM and feral....when she got done sucking clove and it is no longer a benefit, she is now back to the side that is more advantageous to her

My deepest sympathy goes to clove as I have gone through this with one of the SSs before and we now dont ever talk and I barely acknowledge him whenever he is around just like all the others

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I think we all knew.  Most do not end up with a Brady Bunch scenario.   And as they say, the only reason why the Brady Bunch blended so well was that the original BM and Biodad had assumed room temperature.  And even then with those circumstances, there's no guarantee that skids won't reject SM or stepdad (mostly SM) and put BM on a pedestal.

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I commented once on her posts a while ago to warn her that "munchkin" was only pretending to dislike her sister/mother for brownie points with her and daddy and because it was more convenient but then I deleted my post because i thought i was a bit too blunt

I have been through it all so I try to warn everyone...In my experience, stepchildren are mentally, physically abusive and master mind manipulators....dont put anything past can only win by stonewalling them and disengaging completely...


I say this as a person who has been violently assaulted by SS2 and manipulated and insulted by SS3 while SS4 lied to me about his whereabouts and had his mother think that i left him alone in the dark in the streets....I will never forgive the drama and trauma that they inflicted upon me and I distance....Please everyone on this board, keep your distance, all it will bring you is drama and heartache!

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I loved Benedict Betty LOL 

Train Wreck In Training        TWIT   

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Yes great one. Far more suitable LOL