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Chef Goes To Court

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In this case the Girhippo is the petitioner who has "out of the kindness of her heart" let us know that SD20 is emancipating.

The Girhippo has never followed the CO nor has done anything out of the kindness of her heart toward Chef.  She totally screwed him in the divorce; part of that is Chef's fault because he let her.

All she has done was go out of her way to financially screw him and alienate the children, in which she was extremely successful with the help of her  family.

If things were right in the universe, Chef should be completely unobligated to pay any child support just on the basis of constructive emancipation by conduct.  But this is New York.

These kids haven't seen Chef for, in the case of SD20, 11 years now and for YSS16 coming up on a decade.  Earlier on they trashed Chef on social media with snarky comments such as  "I did it without you Dad," (fail academically?)  or calling him "ghost dad,  deadbeat dad" etc.  

Chef did try to reunify with them but they adamantly refused with the exception of OSS who is now almost 23.   Chef gave OSS his phone number back in 2012 but never received a call.  OSS didn't give Chef his phone number.

Hopefully a downward mod will be included for YSS16 which shouldn't be any more than a total of $200 a month based on his present income;  currently he is paying $800 a month for the two brats that he never sees.  Frankly if I ever see those three ferals again, it will be too soon.

My expectations are completely in the basement as Tog redux will attest to being a fellow New Yorker in GUBM-centric NY.


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That sounds like good news for once! Having that $600/ month back will be fantastic!

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1.  She tried to collect on OSS when he was no longer living there and I'll bet her attorney told her not to ever do that again (of course she didn't even get a slap on the wrist by the courts)

2.  She was claiming SD20 as a full time student when in reality SD failed out of community college in less than six weeks so I guess she figured she'd better come clean.

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He shouldn't even have a lawyer, it's so easy to go Pro Se in Child Support Matters.  I know you've said he doesn't present well, but this should be pretty straightforward - either she moved out or she didn't, Child Support stops or it doesn't. 

You don't even have to file a response to the petition in child support matters.  I'm glad DH hasn't used an attorney. Why pay someone to help you lose? 

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-he doesn't present well in court as you'll see by my next  blog.

-he tried that before and the whole court staff including the baliffs and the magistrate descended on him like a pack of wolverines; so much so that a bystander who was observing their nastiness stood up and said "leave him alone!  I"m an attorney and this man has rights."    They were literally grabbing his papers out of his hand and conducting a financial colonoscopy on him Spanish Inquisition style.

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I imagine her “kindness” is so she will be repaid by not seeing a full reduction. 

Sort of like when the BM in my case ends her letter for the mediation about why SS should have his time reduced and why she should be able to call and text both children the entire two days they are with us, by saying “and I know how important it is for the children to maintain a relationship with their father, so I would never try to prevent that.” It’s all for show. 

So sick of these women and the society that reinforces the idea that “mother knows best” and “mother is only looking out for her children.” 

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New York is crazy pro-BM, but they are pretty clear in their CS guidelines.  You pay based on a formula, not on how nice the BM is.  But they can be creative in how they calculate your income. 

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I live in a similar state. BM is convinced that DH owes her $300 more per month for CS because he now makes more money than he did when they divorced. However, she's never pursued it. She makes more money as well (in my estimate her earnings have gone up by more than DH's) and DH now pays more for health insurance for the children, so he would probably owe just as much as he does now.

I also think that if she actually thought she was going to get more, she would have pursued it by now. She tells DH that she doesn't pursue it "just to keep the peace!", but similar to the Girhippo. this BM has never done anything to keep the peace in her life.