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Blog Hog Alert Mr. Neutral ALSO Casually Mentions that SD20

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is NOT living with the Girhippo.  Of course Chef is still paying CS for her.  He has a court date in a couple of weeks.   We shall see.


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My Gawd, TT,

~   Of course Chef is still paying CS for her. ~

That woman has got to be the prize winning bitch BM of ST; meaner than a snake, a virtuoso liar & sneak thief, a deplorable mother, a greedy slimebucket and so much more.

Someday, my poor TT, that viper will get her comeuppance. It's simply unavoidable. Evil folks like the Gir eventually end up with their bullet-riddled faces in plates of spaghetti, metaphorically speaking. Bomb

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at least we KNOW she is OUT for the court date.  Have NO idea where she's living though. . . or if she's "self supporting"  (yeah right)