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Apparently SD19 is Failing Out of Community College (SHOCKER)!!

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The Registrar who was once happy to provide info to Chef went to radio silence when he found out this was a PAS situation.

That hasn't stopped SD from posting "funny" videos about failing out of college--this is some other girl's video that she liked and shared:
(if you have a facebook account, you probably can see this as it seems to be shared publicly)

BTW, SD's fav animal??? Is a SLOTH!!

Can't make this stuff up Lol


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The sucky thing is that you will most have to wait until the end of the semester at least unless the teachers forcibly drop her from their classes. Even then she may be placed on academic probation first and still be considered enrolled.

The CO states it will continue as long as she is enroll I'm assuming. Well technically she is still enrolled even if she is failing / not going. You might be able to argue it is a charade if you can show she's making no attempt to even attend but getting those records will take a court order and it is more likely you could prove she is completely unenrolled first.

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Annnnd that is why we are going back to court. We are asking for specific GPA and attendance requirements--should constructive emancipation by conduct NOT be granted (and to keep the NYS CSEU coffers flowing, odds are it won't be granted.)

Not even the lowest requirements will be met by SD, I can gua-ran-tee it!

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I agree. Most CO's do state that the child must be reasonably engaged in school after the age of 18 but leave that without clear definitions.
I'd push for the academic probation to be a major point. If she ends up in it for more than one semester(since pretty sure she already will be in it if she goes next semester) child support should be dropped.

The hard part will be repeatedly having to go to the court to get the exact records from the school. They can't just release that much information without the kids permission. Knowing she's enrolled may be easy but finding out how many days she's attending is extra. The main office might not have that information themselves honestly since I don't think a teacher has to report that to the main office all the time.