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Is this anyone's BM's BM?

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I was listening to a legal show on the radio while rehabbing the rental and a woman called in who was calling on behalf of her adult daughter.  Seems she was absolutely flabbergasted that her daughter , who is non-custodial  is getting her wages garnished for CS by her ex son in law!!!!

This woman kept saying over and over that her daughter is not one to fight for her rights and to stick up for herself so much so that the lawyers on the show were getting sick of her saying that!

She wanted to know if the CS was based on the court order or on current wages which it seems the daughter was now willing to hide due to CS being garnished!

I thought to myself this sounds like Battleaxe Galactica ...completely enmeshed!!


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One time GrandHag posted on a public forum asking a lawyer why the justice system was picking on Meth Mouth and listed a few of her indiscretions she had been arrested for.  The lawyer responded that he didn't have any facts other than what was being presented but that it appeared Meth Mouth was being given a lot of leeway by the courts.  

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They don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot, do they? A man is a piece of shit if he doesn't pay for the upkeep of his child, but in their opinion it's perfectly fine for the woman not to. Ridiculous. 

Fortunately my BM's mother is lovely. God knows how BM came from her.

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Battleaxe Galactica 


that is the best nickname for these GUBM BM harpies masquerading as human beings.

And the attitude is generational coz the BM's BM teaches the fine art to their pwincess of take no prisoner scorched earth post divorce parenting. 

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Hmm, if I didn't already know that GrandMedusa is dead, I would think it was her calling on behalf of Medusa Smile

These broads sure bitch up a storm about "never getting enough child support" when they are the recipient, but man oh man does their whore tune change when THEY are the payors...