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30 Homework/Classwork Assignments

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Out of a curved "100" score,  YSS 16.5 scores...


Wait for it



Yep he'll be going to summer school again as he does every year for socialization and snacks which is supposed to make up the entire year he's missed/skipped.  They'll graduate him and he'll move on to 11th grade.

(rolling eyes)


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My SS who is in his 30s still likes to brag about how he "aced" the GED test.  As if that was some major accomplishment like graduating from med school.  And the only reason he even took the GED was because it was mandatory during his 3 1/2 years in juvie for some horrible crime no one will talk about.  But in his mind he is smarter than everybody.

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The bar of "achievement" has been lowered into Hades.   In my case YSS is still allowed to be involved in all the "fun" school activities such as school plays, school sports, etc. etc.

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So what do you think the Girhippo's end game is?  Does she want to be MOTY to kids in their 40s someday?

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Rip off Chef’s money via “child” support for longer? Mooch off SSI or whatever?

 I wish SDBB would divorce that beast; I would be gleeful to see that asshole suffer terribly!

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So kids who work all year and hand in their projects on time and study for tests can end up with the same grade as someone who sits through 6 weeks of summer school to catch up. I wish there was a flag you can add to the grade - C(SS) the C was the grade given after summer school. Or "F/B" Got an F during the school year but managed a B in summer school.

My YSS had summer school the first year of high school as he was recovering form a nasty car vs bike accident and missed a lot of school. OK, I will give him that one. But 10/11/12 grade? Just laziness. And as his mother had primary custody she was all about life lessons. (Excuse me while I hurl). Sorry, letting your kid fail school because you do not want to sit over him and teach him good study habits or get him the help he needs for his ADHD does not cut it. And don't even get me STARTED on his older son!

By the grace of G-D they turned out OK but they had several false starts.