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23 YR old OSS "Pumpkin Head" calls the Girhippo

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"mommmyeeeee" on FB??!!   He had posted a meme about Steve Irwin and the Girhippo chimed in about how she openly sobbed with them together watching the news about Steve Irwin's demise (back in 2006) 

"I cried REAL TEARS when he died" -Gir

"I remember that day mooommyyyyeee when we all sat around during family TV time and you told us about it and we all cried." -Pumpkinhead

This was during the height of the 24/7 PAS  where everything was being blamed on the breakup (probably including Steve Irwin's untimely demise).

I think we were all saddened by the news that adventurer Steve Irwin passed (doing something he loved by the way) which is probably the way we would all choose to go if we had to--doing something we loved. 

Maybe it's just me?  My family is notoriously unemotional especially on my father's side..

This just seems overly melodramatic to me especially a 23 yr old man(child) calling his mother Mommy but that is their MO along with complete enmeshment but then again what is social media for?



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I laughed out loud at the divorce being the reason for Steve Irwin's demise!


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true.  Seriously she blamed her stupid business decisions on the breakup, her bankruptcy (although Chef absorbed all the marital debt then eventually filed bankruptcy as well) 

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My SD17 still calls her mom and dad, mommy and daddy; and not in a "because I'm spoiled rottten and want something" way. She will never outgrow it. It's actually embarrassing to watch. 

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"Family TV time." Please. In other words they were sitting around staring at the TV just like everyone else. But in their case, this becomes a special famileeee bonding activity.