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Update to Another MIL Rant or HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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Yesterday my DH gave me the best birthday present ever. If you remember, a couple of days ago I wrote about how my DH wanted to drive 3 hours to his mothers house and bring her Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people. This woman has never said one nice thing to me, never acknowledged our wedding, and flat out didn't show up to our wedding even though DH paid all the expenses for her (we had a destination wedding in the Bahamas). At the end of the blog, I said there really is no decision because I want to support my husband and if this is what he wants to do I will go along. Well several of you said that was dumb. And you were right.

So yesterday, while DH and I were having dinner, we had this convo:

Me: My darling husband, I have decided that it's best that I do not go to MIL-ville next weekend with you and your family.
DH: Why?
Me: Well, I think that MIL has been very rude to me in the past and I would rather not go somewhere and go through all that effort for someone who treats me that way. Especially considering that my family loves you as much as they love me and accept you with open arms.
DH: I completely understand. And I'm sorry that my family is broken and doesn't know how to treat each other.

So while DH is on his 6 hour round trip with his rude mother eating Popeye's chicken for fake Thanksgiving, I will be enjoying my nice, quiet home. Happy birthday to me.


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Good for you! You'll be stronger and feel better about yourself for it.

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That is huge...Good job. He will associate it with her and not with you. As it should be...Enjoy the peace and quiet.

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It's wonderful that your DH understands & supports you in this!

Have a fantabulous birthday & enjoy your quiet time to yourself!

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Thanks ladies! I'm so glad you all smacked some sense into me. Without ST I would be planning on cooking and commuting a miserable 7 course meal for a spiteful woman. Instead I am planning on decorating my own home for the holidays and watching Christmas movies Smile