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Maniacal Laugh

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On Monday DH registered SD11 in school in our district. He also signed her up for classes for next year. Much to her dismay he made her enroll in AP English and AP Reading. She tried to counter with "But mommy never made me do AP classes! She was okay with me doing the average classes!" Oh, that must be why she is flourishing in her lucrative career of being a hostess at a strip club.

On top of the AP classes, DH also made her sign up for athletics. He is sick of his kids being lumps at home at the end of the day and decided to do something about it. She started whining and crying in the middle of the counselor's office and so he told her she could either do athletics or pick another activity but she wasn't going to go home everyday and just sit there playing video games. She chose basketball.

I am not sure who this man is who has replaced my guilty daddy husband but I think I love him.


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I thought your BM was a teacher or substitute or something...she's really hostess of a strip club?

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She is a teacher but they have already informed her they are letting her go after this semester so she got a job hostessing/waitressing at a gentleman's club at night. That's why we had to take custody of SD11 early.

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Hi . If you dont mind me asking how did the fight when you went to your office resolved? Did you guys talk about it ? I think you are doing great job given crazy circumstances btw.

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LOL I guess I forgot to update. We went to bed without speaking and got ready to work in silence. I had an OB appt at noon and he met me there and we decided to go to lunch and talk it out. We decided on some house rules and that he agreed that we needed to form a united front and stick to the rules. We had a rough weekend what with SD11 coming to live with us unexpectedly, DH's brother coming over several hours after the baby shower ended on Saturday and staying all day Sunday, DH leaving me to babysit on Sunday while he went to a work event, etc., so I think the frustration of the night was the result of all those things combined, especially since according to the old schedule this past weekend should have been our weekend alone.

Anyway, after our talk and setting some rules, last night was a lot smoother. SD ate dinner without complaint, took a shower without being asked, and we all watched The Muppet Movie until SD's prompt 9pm bedtime. He even put his foot down when she started begging him to drive her to school in the morning so she wouldn't have to take the bus. He did a complete 180. He agreed with me that while he needed to make sure she is transitioning okay, he needed to cut the guilty daddy bullshit and just be a parent now. Let's see how long this lasts.