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Because of our recent, devastating loss, my baby Sis (59) has been spending time at my home. She is a C&W aficionado and, because I’ve always been her slave, DH and I have been tuning our satellite system to her preferred stations. Keep in mind that I love all music (primarily classic and rock ‘n roll), and though I’ve never disparaged C&W, it’s on the low end of my audio totem pole.

What an eye-opener (or, should I say, ‘ear opener’?), to discover melodious, heartfelt and poignant tunes that were both distracting and downright comforting. Yes, Dolly Parton, Ronnie Milsap, Garth Brooks and others, you ROCK!

Proving, once again, that one should keep oneself open to new experiences. I just bought myself a ‘Dolly Parton’ CD and already know all the words to ‘Here You Come Again.’ It's difficult to blubber when singing, out of tune, to a great song!


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I also enjoy 80s and 90s country music. My DH listens to country exclusively, although he distains the modern stuff. The genre is great for heartfelt storytelling, isn't it?

Sometimes, we just need to know that we aren't alone or the only one hurting, and country music is great for that. (((hugs to you))).

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Quite true, Julie. 

Here's an old joke about mournful C&W music:

Q: What do you get when you play country music backwards?

A: You get back your wife, your dog and your truck.

Thankfully, I'm safely behind my screen, protected from yon seekers of revenge for that groaner. Hee hee. Diablo

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That would be a hard sell for me too but Dolly Parton is a class act.

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Several years ago, Baby Sis, her DH and son spent a weekend at Dollywood as an alternative to temporarily extreme weather at Disneyland. My sister was, in a word, enthralled. Yup, Ms. Parton is, indeed, 'a class act'!

Although, according to Dolly's comment in Vanity Fair, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!" I also loved her response to "Which historical figure do you most identify with?" Her answer: "Snow White, because she slept with the seven dwarfs and got away with it."

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In just the last few years, I've developed an affinity for Bluegrass and Emmylou Harris. <3

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Love Emmylou! I just bought the album she recorded at the Ryman. 

And I’m not a big country fan, but I can appreciate talent even if it comes with a bit of twang. 

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Pieces of the Sky is one of her earlier  albums and it is wonderful. You will love it if you haven't it  already in your collection.

and Blue Kentucky Girl is an album of all old blue grass ballads , poignant heart renting or upbeat and fun  and it features  many other known and unknown  at the time but big future star performers  playing and back up singing.

 Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town,Cimmaron ,Bluebird ..all great. 

Tish Hinojosa another female vocalist who is fabulous ,a balladier like Emmylou ,but never gained the commercial success or notariety. But really a great song writer and performer.

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Dolly Parton - check out her version of Stairway to Heaven - it's just amazing.  I love jazz mainly but this blows me away.

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Yo, Fluff,

Many thanks, Hon, for the heads-up re Dolly's rendition of 'Stairway to Heaven'! Music 2

Unlike my daughters, I've never been a big 'Led Zeppelin' fan (although Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' album, 'Raising Sand' is one of my all-time favorites) and never really listened to 'Stairway'. Hearing the song perfomed by Dolly Parton was a revelation! For the first time, I understood all of the lyrics and really got what the songwriter was trying to say.

Robert Plant has been quoted as claiming that Parton's interpretation of 'Stairway' is his favorite; a pretty solid endorsement. (Apropos of nothing, however, it's time that Mr. Plant got a haircut but that's just me. Heh, heh.)

I also love Jazz, Fluff. Are you old enough to recall the venerable Dave Brubeck albums, such as, 'Time Out'?

Another treat on youtube is Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart singing, 'Baby it's Cold Outside'. I promise that you will LOVE it!

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Dolly Parton wrote the song that Whitney Houston sang in the movie the Bodyguard. "I will Always Love You" Dolly Parton is a legend for writing and singing.

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his cry-in-my -beer country songs.  Personally I find them too depressing.  If I have to listen to country music it has to be completely upbeat preferably with some Zydeco accordion.   Chef likes George Jones,  Keith Whitley, Vern Gosdin, Joe Stampley.    Oddly enough my deceased second husband used to like Randy Travis and Rod Stewart (He was an African American from Georgia)

I prefer Glen Campbell and Roy Clark singing thank God and Greyhound you're gone!

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You are adorable,Red.

Classic C& W is great! George Jones "He stopped Lovin Her Today"

Cash, Nelson, Waylon Jennings ,Hank Williams,Pasty Cline, Dolly ,Tammy Wynette  and so many more ~there are hundreds of performers that created the genre that stemmed from  Irish /Scottish folksong , spirituals and  blue grass. The she /he done me wrong cry in your beer heart break songs   became so popular in the 1950's thru the 70's then another generation like George Strait, Randy Travis ,Tanya Tucket,Reba. came on and ran with it cranking out really good music.

But it stinks now.What is played is not country.Same old tune or melody.

 Like George Strait and Alan Jackson wrote in their classic Murder  On Music Row:

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says the modern country is mostly crossover... trying too hard to be top 40 or R&B.

I'm a Jazz fan.  Love me some Pete Fountain, Al Hirt, Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz.  Also Brasil 66.  I also love big band, 40s swing, Classical/Spanish guitar.

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Al Hirt , yep, how about  Walt Harper ..I saw him at his "Attic" so many weekends back in the late 70's and so many great jazz artists.

Think ,I like your lineup and  all that music ,too. Cuban big band sound as well .

How about opera? So much amazing miusic.It is the whole enchilada music, voice, storyline acted out.Lots of great drama and pathos.


Guess that is why I am comfortable with it.




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and am very appreciative of classical music and opera. Love me some Perez Prado and Harry Belafonte.

I was brought up with Bert Kaempfert and Herb Alpert which brings back great memories.   

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 thinkthrice, you dark horse,

Ten years of violin! As a music lover devoid of talent, I've always admired people who could play a musical instrument. Do you get the opportunity to play, as in a group? 

Do you practice?

thinkthrice's picture about 55-60 hrs a week on average.   

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Not C&W but I am always down for Etta James, Lena Horn, Billie Holliday, etcetera!

And, tonight, Patsy Cline. Walking after midnight. Love!!

So many grand ladies.

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Ah, FB,

Etta's pure, powerful voice, belting out 'At Last' is downright memorable! My DH and I were recently listening to Lena Horne, Peggy Lee and Billie Holiday performing 'Stormy Weather', in an attempt to decide which rendition was the best. We still haven't decided....

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my mom saw her in concert in Montreal back in the fifties. 

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Hey, TT,

I envy your Mom! Ella Fitz has always been my favorite female artist. I have collected pretty much everything that she has ever recorded.