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An anxiety disorder......really?!?!

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Just when I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, freedom from this manufactured hell produces by SD17, it's disappearing like an F-ing mirage.....

A few months ago SD17 was forced to get a part time job or lose her car privileges. That was the agreement, we bought an 02 red dodge neon, great condition for her to drive. The 1st 6 mths of car insurance WE paid, 750.00!!!!! On the agreement SD17 get a part time job to provide herself with gas money, money to use for running around with her friends. SD17 never got a job, thought DH was bluffing. At the end of 6 mths, no job. So, we cancelled her insurance & took her keys. SD17 acted like she was fine w/ it, said the car was a piece of shit that always messed up. Yeah, thanks to HER TERRIBLE DRIVING. So 2 weeks go by w/I her driving, SD17 tries a different tactic, wherever she goes DH has to take her AND drop her off & her friends live VERY FAR from us. When she didn't have a car she always rode w/ friends. We gave her $$ to give for gas, but now? Nope, needs rides everywhere. SD17 knows inconvenience her dad & he will fold, let her drive. So I encouraged him to stay the course, tell her he couldn't drive her anywhere, just let her stay home. Miracle of miracles, she finds a job in TWO DAYS. I'm so thrilled I even drive SD17 to work some until DH can get her insurance reinstated, about 3-4 days later.

So SD17 loves the job, then school starts. She goes into work co-op, leaving school at 1:30 (god no!) to be able to do homework, prep to go to work. Only....SD17 doesn't work during the week anymore, AT ALL. Only a day or two on weekends, even then, she calls out. Her school is giving her co-op credits, 2 of them & she's not working. Fast forward a few weeks, the store she's in had been robbed 1 time by a former employee at gunpoint, a 16 yr old girl, 100lbs soaking wet. Well, the place is robbed a 2nd time, SD17 is there w/ 2 co-workers, same ex-employee, 16yr old, with gun. The robber lays the gun down repeatedly out of her reach, she's shaking, she tells SD17 & the others to put their cell phones in a bowl of water to disable them. SD17 & the others refuse, the girl robbing them does nothing. It's over in 5-6 minutes. Did I mention the robber got in b/c SD17 & co workers had the back door open?

I have no doubt this was traumatic, but the robber was caught & SD17 was the only 1 who couldn't report to work for 4-5 days after. Even following this, SD17 calls in more, is late, so the boss talks to her about it. SD17 does what she always does when an adult opposes her, he's the problem, he has to go. So SD17 starts a campaign to get him fired, talking to other employees, trying to get them on board. DH & I tell her this is going to get her fired, to stop. A week later the boss talks to SD17 & tells her he's heard what's going on & they don't require her services anymore. SD17 is the only employee that's been fired from this place since it opened 5 years ago, on a very nice well to do end of town.

So, now SD17 is jobless, STILL coming home for co op, has looked for a job 1 time. Now she comes home, goes straight to sleep. After all this she suddenly develops an anxiety disorder, she needs Xanax, goes to a shrink, he gives her vistaril. She's so "affected", she HAS to have MEDS at home & school. She's too "fragile" to work. Yet it doesn't affect her going out every weekend. So convenient to develop a condition right at the time when people are going to expect things from you, your senior year. I'm afraid she's digging in, that she won't leave.

We live in Alabama & she's under a delusion that she's not an adult until she's 19, because of minor tort laws prohibiting minors from signing contracts until then, like car purchases, bank accounts, leases. SD17 thinks that DH & I will have to be completely responsible for her until age 19. SD17 is one of those who gets in adults faces trying to start stuff, cussing at them, but if they fire back she's holding up her hands saying "I'm underage"! Once we had a 67 year old woman, white hair, cane, the works follow SD17 home b/c SD17 had flipped her off repeatedly rolled down her window screaming she was an old cunt, to just die already b/c SD17 said she accidentally drifted into her lane. This is a 67 year old woman here okay? She followed SD17 home & laid into her. What did SD17 do? Held up her hands, "I'm a minor, I'm underage"! Then she runs in to get me & her dad, I go out talk to the lady. After she leaves SD17 starts talking about how she would've kicked her old ass, when she was terrified, of a 67 year old woman.

SD17 is ALL TALK. No bite, all weak ass barking. And I'd so hoped to get rid of her. Is it wrong that I despise her more than ANYONE IVE EVER MET?

Thanks for listening......